Nanotech Reconstruction.

Free WIRED Subscription; 1 Year, 12 Issues!

Goddammit. I want to be American. It's just not fair. I discovered Wired Magazine whilst in Canada earlier this year, and since I've been back, I've been frequenting their online articles, and it's a great techie magazine, and not nerdy at all. So if any of you out there are in the least interesting in the techie world, take one for the team, and subscribe...

Atlanta : then and now.

I have a weird fetish for these kinds of historical comparisons. It's almost as if we are standing somewhere between the two photographs, looking back at the past, and forwards at the future, and comparing and contrasting the reasons for the changes. Living in the city that I do, big blocky modern business buildings are a minute's walk from 17th century churches built on narrow cobblestoned streets, so through school outings around such history, I have a great sense of the changes that occur through the years, especially as I can still see the parts that are left behind (Take a look at some pictures here). I think perhaps that's what fuels my post-modern tastes in some way, living in old houses amidst new houses in an old city that's slowly regenerating itself into a modern, vibrant and slightly fashionable place.

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Howdy Y'all.

The redirection on my poor broken blog should arrive somewhere around here. I'm cheerfully providing refreshments and a picture of Britney Spears to tide us all over in this tumultuous climate.