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And Blogger's being an arse, so here's the link to the cool dishwasher again. Aren't I great.

Rippled, like the chocolate.

In a week where I showed my partner a neat dishwasher, and he loved it, where the humid weather caused a 24 hour migraine to shut down half of my brain and ended on the note of Michelle being evicted from Big Brother, I found the following things fascinating:

  • Looks like KoRn's splitting up. Greatest Hits albums only fortell the end of a career. Shame it's taken two utterly dire albums for them to realise that it's time to pack up their 7 strings and leave the nu-metal scene.
  • For all of us who like to see straight boys lookin' just a little homoerotic, I bring you the photography of Michael Meads (michealmeads.com is "coming soon"). He's basically taken a series of amazing pictures of Southern bred boys, added a little G-A-Y to the mix, and given me a little late night fodder to play with. Yeh, that's exactly what I mean boys and girls. Eliot Lane reviews the images for OUTspoken! here. (Via Fleshbot)
  • If Paris Hilton wrote poetry...I'd like it. Yeh, I'm a freak, but I like the intonations of "Cute shoes" and "Me". Cute shoes. Me. Me. Me. Cute. Shoes. Me. Cute. Cute. Shoes. Me...
<>"They fought in the hall. The struggle continued into the kitchen. At this point the victim had the defendant in a head lock. He felt he was choking and took hold of a kitchen knife. When the fight moved into the back yard the older brother started prodding the boy with a broom handle. The 14-year-old, who was still holding a knife, pushed his brother and caught him in the neck with the blade which severed an artery. After the fight he told police: "I was so scared and pushed him and the blade caught him on the neck. I had forgotten I still had the knife in my hand. It was an accident. I did not mean to stab him."


I can't do anything more...

...than post links on my blog, and hope that whoever is out there reads and chooses to pass the information on. I'm not someone who takes movements and causes to heart very often. I don't donate to charities, I believe in personal responsibility for your own creations, I know about the innate selfishness of humankind. But occasionally people slip through the net. Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley are three such people.

"We walk through numerous doors, and then through a long, winding outdoor path. It would be a pretty day, with the cloudless blue sky above us, if we didn't have to view it behind the scary razor sharp barbed wire and electrified fence. You want criminals to live like this, if they have hurt you, robbed you, raped you. If they have taken a life, then this is the life they should receive in turn. However, this is not what my friends have done, and they are not here because of their actions, rather the actions of a nefarious state. "
Margeret Cho met with Damien Echols, someone who wore a Metallica t-shirt, was condemned to serve his Death Row, and is now far too close to execution for no reason whatsoever. Some of us still think of him as that eighteen year old boy, but in reality, he is a thin, pale, and vastly intelligent man. Not even young now. I have no idea why the picture makes me so tearful, but it does.

Please visit the website and make a small difference. Because this is the only thing that I can do.


Quick blog today (light migraines rock my world).

How fast do you read?

Me? 450-500. But then, I've read more books than is possible. That's why I wear glasses.


Middle of the week FUN!

So, in a week where it's been tentatively decided that I'll be returning to Vancouver sometime around October/November, and my mood's gone from hyperactive to bloody depressed about my current lack of a life, I found the following things on the interweb:

  • The Association of Chief Police Officersban police officers from joining the British National Party. Only problem is, some are already members. Not suprising, considering the rampant racism that runs through the UK police force. There's also an interesting profile of the political party here for all those not familiar with the bigoted cunts.

Tales from a Big City.

"Next: "Ugly, strange man, reading (with an erection I think) you - my diary. Here on the tube. Over my shoulder this very minute. Have to stop writing you now."
- from Adam's latest blog entry.

London is truly a queer place.

Spam Poetry

I'm finally getting spam on my Gmail account, so perhaps I spoke too soon. This piece was unusually poetic :

"This is the place where youll find that person you want .
Don't sit at home this evening ,
, . aloft gunman

For less than the cost of gas youll be able to visit
all of our lon e ly ladies. They're are ready and ready now.
This this the top alternative dating site for 2004.
We will never stop growing and always hope you will check
out what an amazing serv ice we're providing our custo mers.
I think it was the "aloft gunman" combination that got me going. Phwoar, yes.


Gmail Update.

I thought I'd give you all an update into my use of Gmail. As some of you might know, I've been using the service since April 24th :

And so far, my average email use is basically mail out newsletters (I'm currently archiving Popbitch mail outs), comments from my blog, emails from friends and other random internet people and the odd mp3 attachment (I reckon I've clocked up about 3 or 4 of those). And right now, I'm up to 47MB useage of the storage space:

Now, considering I'm the average Gmail user, that is, I'm not uploading all of my emails from my pop3 account, or using it to store my entire mp3 collection (like some folks, quite fairly are), and my gmail address is pretty much out there on the net - 5% of all space used, is absolutely amazing. I'm not getting any spam at all, the actual inside space of the account moves as if I was on a high speed connection, and...well, I could feasibly use this for a year or so without having to delete a single email...then I reckon that when this goes public, Yahoo and Hotmail are pretty much fucked up the arse. New features are being brought in (sig's being one of the most relevant options for me personally, but there are other, more techie new features too) to rival what they have to offer and I don't think that by the time this service is launched publicly, that there will be a single reason to use any other free email service aside from Gmail.

Perhaps the only upside to this current email war, is that Hotmail finally seems to be easier to use now that their servers have been freed up. But it's still clunky and slow, and with all the bullshit laid out around it, even the Google server failures (thankyou Orkut users) won't put me off in terms of speed and accessibility.

So...the question is, I suppose, in a year will we all be @gmail.com?

Fascinating, darling.

- German director Christoph Schlingensief pisses off Bayreuth festival goers, seemingly because the visuals he created to accompany Wagner's opera Parsifal were too...erm...controversial.

"The five-hour epic launched the 93rd edition of Germany's most prestigious festival on Sunday. Schlingensief, 43, said he saw the work - cast as a pagan-Christian cult - as "a sort of near-death experience". German tenor Endrik Wottrich, who sang the title role, had earlier denounced the production as an "abomination". But a widely expected scandal at the conservative southern German festival failed to materialise. Schlingensief's complex, multi-layered visuals seemed more to confuse than provoke the audience, leaving many perplexed and grasping for meaning. Bavaria's state premier, Edmund Stoiber, said during one of the hour-long intermissions: "There is so much to distract you. The external impressions are so strong that it's almost a completely new Parsifal."
- Japanese stab-proof clothing. Perhaps the most worrying part of this article, is that it cites the rising levels of youth crime in Japan:

Although Japan is still one of the safest developed nations in the world, youth crime has dramatically increased in recent years. An 11-year-old school girl slashed to death her 12-year-old classmate in June, and an intruder attacked primary school children with a knife in June 2001. The number of children under 14 committing serious crimes in 2003 rose to 212, a 47% increase on the previous year. "
Can we all say BR-Law?

- An American boy is making moves to divorce his father, as courts allow the man to request access to his school records - including his grades and weekly counselling sessions. Why he is in counselling? Because his father brutally murdered his mother; breaking into their house, shooting her eight times, clubbing her with the butt of the rifle and then leaving her body for the child to find the next morning. The courts continue to let children down, time after time after time. What makes this case even worse, is that the boy had to initiate proceedings himself, instead of having an adult recognise the situation and make moves for his own benefit.

- An insight into the current life of Saddam Hussein. He's got no access to current news, but he reads books, studies the Koran, and has written a poem about George W. Bush. I'll give it a week or so before it's leaked onto the net.

- SCO should give up now, the thieving, scumridden dogs.

- Oops! Hotmail glitch in the Netherlands means that Dutch registrees got access to 2GB accounts this weekend. I presume the hole has been fixed.

- I shouldn't have laughed, but the very idea of a kid getting stuck in one of those hide away beds is just hilarious. Suffocating however, that's not. So take care kids.

Notes to the Wise.

Leaving comments like this only make me turn green and go on a rampage.

For future reference, I need your name, some kind of link to a blog, your mother's maiden name and a hair/urine/blood stool sample. Only then will I become placated.




Up until just a second ago, I hadn't really come across a group of things that would distinctly all come under the title of "societies paraphernalia" - a phrase that I've been using in my messageboard profiles for quite a few years now. Looking at the bunch of links I found interesting enough to bookmark for later use, I've now got some kind of loose examples -

  • CBC posts a bunch of videos from the early to mid sixties, of the hippie movements in Canada. I was happy to find that there are videos of Vancouver, but I couldn't get them to work in my browser. I'll give them another go a little later.
  • Cult Brands and how some consumer's are being listened to when they speak out.
"...these days the relationship between brands and their customers has become much more complex. For one thing, consumers simply know more than they used to. The Internet opens up a wealth of information, allowing for instant price and quality comparisons. But consumers demand more from the brands they love than simple reliability; passionate consumers want their brands to become a form of self-expression. Increasingly, consumers are customizing products and services to achieve that -- whether it's tailoring colors on a pair of sneakers from Nike Inc. or adding items to their personal to-watch list on eBay. Instead of arms-length customers, they're beginning to act like and feel like owners or members of a community. They no longer passively consume. Through the Internet, they can talk back and talk to one another. They can ignite a groundswell of positive buzz or spawn a revolt."
"The guerrilla gig is rock music's latest trump card. The basic premise is that the band rocks up in an unlikely spot and plays furiously until they are evicted. It is a little risky, utterly thrilling, and entirely free. On previous occasions, the Others have performed ad hoc sets in a Tube station and on London Underground's Circle line. News of the impending gig is spread by word of mouth, websites and mass text-messaging among fans."

Soapy Goodness.

Part of schoolkid culture here in the UK (alongside Saturday cartoon/variety shows and Top of the Pops) includes mandatory viewing of Australian soaps Neighbours and Home and Away; the former set in the fictional suburb of Erinsborough (an anagram of 'neighbours' - geddit?), the latter set in the sunny beach side town of Summer Bay.

As a result of conditioning from an early age, I've now been watching both soaps for fifteen years. Fifteen years! I started watching Neighbours in the Scott/Charlene years, singing their pop songs sat on the scratchy reception class library carpet. Home and Away came a little later, as it seems to be targeted more at the teen market (although I just. can't. stop. watching. it. even though I'm past the age of caring about teen romances), but it wasn't that late that I can't remember talking about it before secondary school.

They claim that the attraction for British viewers (the soaps are far bigger over in this country than they are on their home turf) is the bright sunny weather, and when it comes to Home and Away, I'm inclined to agree, especially when compared to the dull terraced houses of Coronation Street or the grey rainy grossness of Eastenders. But Neighbours is on a slightly different level - there's a genuine well written soap occurring there. You never think twice about the stories being genuine, it's never outlandish or unbelievable; and alongside great acting and character writing, they also manage to inject a slice of quirky humour in there every now and again.

Oh, and there are hot chicks in both soaps, something even I can't fail to notice (OK, so it's not like I ever fail to notice hot chicks, but you catch my drift):

They aren't say, on the level of CSI or Six Feet Under - they're still soaps after all, so I didn't miss them when I was away. But they're both pretty neat early evening viewing over here in the UK, and I was stunned to realise that fifteen years of my life have passed and I'm still watching them on a regular basis.

So this is my Ode to the Australian Soap. May strangers still enter the bay and be cast out as evil, may new people move into the close and bring small annoying children with them, may Harold Bishop never die and always retain the nickname "jellybelly", and may random shortlived characters emigrate to America and not return until their pop careers have died a long hard death.

Common People.

Since seeing Henry Rollins in Vancouver earlier this year, I've been eagerly awaiting William Shatner's new album (released in October). So courtesy of Andy Baio I bring you a .mov sample (direct link to download) of "Common People" (originally a Pulp song).


9-11 Commission Report

Originally, I was a little daunted by the sheer weight of what would be released in terms of information. But once more, Jason Kottke saves the day. He's created a HTML document with permalinks for easy linking at his blog, making it tonnes easier to browse the findings of the report (and less tedious and boring).

More Courtney Love.

"Courtney Love - The Case for Defence by Joe Macare.

"Taking too many drugs, courting controversy, engaging in erratic or even criminal behaviour, and being unrepentant about it: in the male rock star, these are the hallmarks of genius. In a woman, they are the symptoms of hysteria. The myth of the self-destructive male rock star shows no signs of abating, and we do not even have to consider the example most closely associated with Courtney Love. A recent issue of the NME was devoted to eulogising Sid Vicious, complete with the usually 'sexy' black and white photos of junkie Sid looking suitably skinny and fucked-up."


PM Questions

"The overall crime rate is down. It's true that the rate of recorded crime is up since we came into power, but overall crime is down" - Mister Blair

Now, shoot me if I'm wrong kids, but does that make any sense to you? Not to mention the overwhelming fact that most people don't report crime because the present system is so utterly shite that nine times out of ten no one will bother to deal with what you report. It's not about crime rates Tony, it's how you deal with them.



As some of you might know, I'm a big Japanophile, and I'm a bit weird and alternative when it comes to my fashion sense. One of my main sources of inspiration are the teens-twenty somethings in Harajuka. Those pictures, as well as these aren't entirely representative of the different fashions that circulate around that area, and only really cover the goth-punk rock inspired looks, so I heartily recommend Fruits by Shioch Aoki (a book that I own, and regularly view for new ideas for fashion) as it focuses on the wide range - from Gothic Lolita to the bright coloured hair extension kids.

[Source - Metafilter]


End of the weekend JUNK.

I meant to blog this last night, but I got caught up with the Nine Inch Nails webcam and well, for those in the know, it can get pretty geeky and crazy sometimes. My brain is back down to normal now. So, here's some crazy crap I found yesterday.

  • I'm watching you. IM Watching.net is tool that allows you to "watch" your IM buddies sign in and out, and track their daily instant messaging patterns.
"This presence information is typically innocuous, useful for knowing if your buddies are available to chat. But when monitored continuously, over long time periods, those few signals tell a lot. This website lets you record and analyze anybody's IM activity."
  • Heinz turns their famous slogan "Beanz Meanz Heinz" into a new brand name for their ever so delicious beans. (Side note; any British person brought up on Heinz beans will find it impossible to eat any other kind of baked bean. Nothing compares to the gorgeousness of the tomato sauce)
  • The media's finally picked up on the Brazilian takeover of Orkut. It's a shame that they don't emphasise how really fucking annoying it is to have multiple spam in the message inbox, all in a completely foreign language, and have absolutely no way of stopping it. A lot of my friends that use it have ditched the site. Perhaps the reason that there are so many Brazilians flouting the unwritten rules, is because they pushed out a lot of the English speaking members in the first place to be allowed to do it. I remember joining earlier this year, and it wasn't as bad as it is now.They need to get this under control; first dealing with the spam, and then cracking down on the prevalence of a foreign language on an English speaking site. Perhaps the worst aspect of this whole fiasco, is that Orkut is a Google product.
  • A shithead in white trash British holiday resort apologises for shaving a girl's hair off whilst on holiday. Whilst it might seem initially funny, consider the fact that it's essentially physical assualt against a woman, which is grossly against the law, and in my eyes, as good as rape. I hope they get a severe jail sentence.
"They were fined 300 euros (£200) each and jailed for six months after being charged with illegal forceful entry and physical assault. They were later freed on appeal and allowed to return to Scotland on the condition that they return to Rhodes for the appeals trial."

"The bank had been looking at the situation for some time, but the BBC documentary last night provided evidence enabling the bank to act"


End of the week SPIEL.

(First of all, I have to mention that I am loving the new Blogger tools in the "Create a Post" section. They are almost tempting me to stay on and use this facility when my regular main blog returns: which is a huge improvement on my early blogging years where I left because I was tired of the limited blogging features Blogger provided. It's even gorgeous typing out the post!)

Anyway, here are the things that have been catching my eye today:

  • BNP leader offers no apology for his views. Last night's programme was absolutely foul and I expect no less from a fat fuck like Nick Griffin or a Nazi sympathising cunt like Mark Collett. This particular political party makes me so incredibly angry that I cannot channel my thoughts into a logical argument. I will say, however, that I am deeply deeply ashamed that these people have such a grasp on this country (in the last local elections they gained 125, 000 votes from supporters), and that their ignorance and hatred is even entertained by people that are eligible to exercise their rights to vote. (Popbitch members created a rather amusing and informative thread earlier today - scroll down for a description of Collett at University)
  • First they piss off William Peterson, the guy that the show's success is pretty much based around, by creating two shitty spin offs. Then they fire the guy that plays Nick. Now they've fired Jorja Fox, the girl that plays Sara. Is there anything else that the people behind CSI can do to make it fail? Is this a conspiracy?
  • Simon Willison discusses the Bugmenot revolution and the annoying, counter productive arguments that sites like the NY Times have for continual registration to view their articles.


BNP Exposure.

The BBC is running a documentary later tonight about a journalist they sent undercover to report on the inner circle of the British National Party, the UK's premium right wing political party. They are notorious for being extremely clever with the face they show to the public, despite their inflammatory views on non-white British people. Oh and gay people, of course. Unlike most right wing parties, they aren't associated with any specific religion (supposedly because they recognise that their target audience - the lower classes - don't care about God or government, just blaming everyone else for their problems). For years, everyone has known that they are associated with extreme right wing party the National Front, and are infamous for their racism. Every time a racist member is rooted out by the police or the media, the BNP expels them; presumably for being stupid enough to be caught, not because they are racist.

It's all a very unpleasant situation in my book. Why, if this documentary is correct in what the BBC is saying it showe, are these people entitled to run for government. Surely hate crimes automatically disqualify you from eligibility for politics?


A quickie.

I've just updated my side links bar, as it seems like I won't be getting my regular main site back for a while. All blog links are the people I read everyday, all resources links are the main places I go to get what I write about. Although, of course, there are exceptions. If you aren't on there (unless you're on Livejournal, which doesn't count), then crack up your blog content, and I will add you. I have a short attention span y'see. Unless of course you're a new reader or a weathered lone traveller, in which case, leave a comment and I will inspect your site.

(See Genuine, you're still up there!)


...and everything. Not much else to do when the exterior world is a pile of rotten cow.

- Japanese Geek Hierarchy.

I'm not sure where I fall, but I'm definitely somewhere to the far right.

- Google's Next Development Steps.

I've been waiting for G-IM (instant messaging) and G-OS (an operating system) since they announced Gmail on April 1st. But the rest on the list look rather awesome too. I couldn't complain, could you?

- Reverend Breedlove wanted to burn books; Fire Department says no.

I've emailed him (via his site) to ask for a justification of ignorance as a positive thing. If he gets back to me, I will post his reponse.


Margeret Cho is becoming a quick favorite of mine in the blogosphere. Today, she has become the only other person besides myself and another on the ETS board toactively defend Courtney Love against the blatent misogyny that has been levelled at her through the years.

"I want to know why this hatred is casual and unquestioned. I am a fan of the band Hole, and believe that Courtney Love has made significant contributions to the mythology of the rock star, and changed the standards for women in rock. However, her work as a musician is rarely, if ever, brought up when speaking about her. It is always about the drug arrests, the lack of grace in her social interactions, the possibility that she might have killed her husband - a theory supported by many, including her own father, the author of two books on the subject. No one ever talks about the cool brilliance of her latest record "America's Sweetheart." If they speak about her at all, it is with the superiority and distance of the eternal judge, the tsk-tsk of the outside observer, who coolly and impassively watches the events of everything unfold from afar, always unattached , always removed. All of it is approached with a "Will she survive this?" attitude. "

I'm not a feminist. But I am a woman. The sheer hatred and disrespect that she recieves, just based on the fact that she takes drugs (who hasn't?), has a severely fucked up past (who can truly comprehend what she has been subjected to?) and has pretty much been dumped on her whole life. And of course, the rumour mill was quick to speculate that it was an abortion, not a miscarriage, so therefore it's all her own fault.

I think this earlier post of mine pretty much says it all about her life right now.

What I want to know is this : who's looking out for Courtney?


Ah, I'm too tired and lazy...

...to post anything of substance here.

- Yahoo blocks Trillian access, yet again, which pissed me off, as I wanted to use the non-crappy (by their standards) chatroom version. So I spent some stupid time downloading the separate client. Which pissed me off, as it crashed at least three times before I got it running.

- Marlon Brando didn't die penniless. Tch. I can't say I told you so, as I couldn't be bothered to contradict anyone after his death. But wait, yes I can, because it's my blog. So I told you so.

- Angelina Jolie's new tattoo of a tiger, inked from a Thai tattoo artist Sompong Kanphai during her visit to Bangkok on July 8, 2004.

- Some dude's passed the Gmail account limit. Rock on.

Yup. That's all you're getting from me.


Republicans are ruuude.

First Dick Cheney says "fuck", and then the Commissioner Riordan's "Stupid dirty girl" comment.

Now Bush flips off a Livejournal user.

Definitely something to tell the grandkids.


Damien Echols & Margeret Cho.

I think it's a testament to my situation right now and perhaps a little to my laziness, that I missed Margaret Cho blogging about her correspondance with death row inmate Damien Echols.

For those of you who don't know, here is a quote from the website, which sums it up far more concisely than I ever could:

"Shortly after three eight-year-old boys were found mutilated and murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas, local newspapers stated the killers had been caught. The police assured the public that the three teenagers in custody were definitely responsible for these horrible crimes. Evidence?

The same police officers coerced an error-filled “confession” from Jessie Misskelley Jr., who is mentally handicapped. They subjected him to 12 hours of questioning without counsel or parental consent, audio-taping only two fragments totaling 46 minutes. Jessie recanted it that evening, but it was too late— Misskelley, Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols were all arrested on June 3, 1993, and convicted of murder in early 1994.

Although there was no physical evidence, murder weapon, motive, or connection to the victims, the prosecution pathetically resorted to presenting black hair and clothing, heavy metal t-shirts, and Stephen King novels as proof that the boys were sacrificed in a satanic cult ritual. Unfathomably, Echols was sentenced to death, Baldwin received life without parole, and Misskelley got life plus 40.

For over 11 years, The West Memphis Three have been imprisoned for crimes they didn’t commit. Echols waits in solitary confinement for the lethal injection our tax dollars will pay for. They were all condemned by their poverty, incompetent defense, satanic panic and a rush to judgment."

This is a subject that hit me right in the gut during the late nineties, when the documentaries came out; and I feel incredibly guilty that I have yet to write to Damien or the other two who are incarcerated for a crime they so blatently did not commit. So, whenever I can, I try to make people aware of the case, and urge them to read the text and partake. I just wish I knew more people who could ditch the fashionable cynicism and apathy, and actually gave a shit about other people.

If you haven't seen the documentaries about the murders, and the subsequent horror of mis-information and sheer ignorance, please find the time to either the site or seek out the films for yourself - the first (Paradise Lost - the Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills) details the murders, and then the jailing of the three teenagers. The second (Paradise Lost 2 : Revelations) re-examines the case, and the information and loose ends that were revealed or exposed by the original documentary. There is also a film being made about the story, and is due out sometime this year.

If only it were a story.

I'm only a little fish in a big pond. There are numerous other larger and more influential names out there (Henry Rollins being one of them) pushing the case for a fair examination of the trial. Damien is on his last appeal, and from the site it looks as if the DNA testing order will finally go through (there was DNA found at the scene, but until recently there have not been the funds to finance testing - and being the only strong forensic evidence in the trial, it could well tip the balance, and free Damien. All the evidence on the case can be found here). But if nothing else is allowed to happen, a 30 year old man, who has spent his entire adult life in prison for a murder he has not committed, will be put to death. And campaigners will fight to clear his name after he dies, and they will succeed one day; but what good will that be? Damien has a wife and child...I would imagine that nothing matters more to them to have him free.

Read the letters, read the information. This case boils down to that of prejudice - these boys were arrested because the town perceived them as murderers; information based on a Metallica shirt and a book about paganism. If your child is one day in that position, you would want people to help. This case isn't just about discrimination - clearing their names means that the American legal system will be forced to not let this happen again. If however, they aren't, then the jails will forever be cruel, glorified asylums, full of individuals who are mentally ill, not criminals.

Give your freedom a workout.

Mike Diana

Mike Diana is no ordinary comic book artist. Much like the guy who was arrested for selling a copy of Hustler, or Larry Flynt himself, Diana has been at the forefront of the modern day battle for freedom of creative speech.

In 1991, Mike Diana wrote, drew and self-distributed a comic in his hometown of Florida called "Boiled Angel" which featured his provocative content of uber-violence (juxtaposing modern American apple-pie icons with graphic bloody murder, anti-Christianity, rape and even paedophilia), something that only Quentin Tarentino could ever dream of releasing into the main public arena. Made available at the time of the Gainsville murders, a police officer ordered a copy under a false name and owing to the content, leapt to some crazy conclusion (Diana seems to think it's because of the cover, which featured a man with an erection cutting open a pregnant woman and pulling out the foetus) that he was the Gainsville murderer. Nothing came of it and the eventual murderer was rooted out and arrested, but numbers #7 and #ATE of the "Boiled Angel" series were kept on file for the beckoned call of any bored police officer on a Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately, that non-specific bored authority figure came along in the guise of Stuart Baggins, the Assistant State's Attorney, two years later; an action that kicked off a long and weary battle for the creative rights of the artist, who, by all means, was just reflecting the vile cruelty of the society around him. The Comic Book Legal Defence Fund provided him with a lawyer almost immediately, but Diana was subjected to psychological testing and numerous obscenity charges.

In 1994, he was eventually convicted on three counts obscenity, one count of distributing, one count of publishing and one count of advertising obscene material. Each count carried the potential for a year in jail, a year on probation and a hefty $1000 fine. The judge himself told Diana that his comics were "patently offensive" and that "the evident goal of the appellant's publication is to portray shocking and graphic pictures of sexual conduct so it will be noticed. If the message is about victimization and that horrible things are happening in our society, as the appellant alleges, the appellant should have created a vehicle to send his message that was not obscene."

He spent four days in jail, encarcerated in a maximum security prison in a room with a permanent bright light on for 24 hours a day, and a hard bed. All for publishing a comic book that reflected the bile that modern media spits out at the average family with a television set.

And it didn't end there. What followed involved three years of probation with the terms that included a complete ban on drawing, and random home searches at any time to make sure that he was complying. He was also banned from coming into contact with or at least ten feet away from minor's under the age of eighteen; had to complete 1280 hours of community service, maintain full time employment, and at his own expense, see a psychiatrist and take journalism courses. According to his website (link below), he is now currently serving another 2 years of probation, which includes the same terms and another $2000 fine.

Let me repeat : all for publishing a comic book that reflected the bile that modern media spits out at the average family with a television set.

Quotes from Mike Diana on the case and his work:

"it just seems like some people simply don't want to be told that their religion is wrong, you know, that there's nudity or something else, and a lot of the stuff that I drew is like anti-religious, and Boiled Angel is Satan, and just a lot of people see Satan symbols and anti-religious stuff, and it scares them and they're like "That stuff shouldn't be printed," or you know, especially these church people - like in Florida there's a lot of church people ... lots of Bible thumpers out there."

Those ideas are mostly from the TV news and the newspaper,like the "Babyfuckdogfood" story, where he puts the baby in the meat grinder. I got that idea from this case in New York where this stepfather kills this baby on accident ... hits it too hard and killed it. He cuts the baby up to get rid of the evidence and feeds it to the dog, and then they found out about this somehow, put the dog to sleep and cut it open... ...some people when they read that, they're just desensitized or something. They don't think about how it actually happened. That's why I drew it, so you could see it for real. And I know a lot of people are bothered by that and they say "Well how could you draw this?" and I say, "Well, that's something that really happened ..."

Mike Diana's official site.
An interview with Mike Diana by some fellow called Brian.



I just picked up two neat links from Metafilter :

- Chatango looks to be latest little browser gadget that plays on the net communities need for constant communication. From the help section:

"Chatango is a new way to make contact with people online. It's the first tool for real-time, private, disposable, one-to-one communication. It works just like one of those IM products, but doesn't require a download, and is accessible from any computer!"

I'm not quite sure about it, but it seems to add to the anonymity of the internet; and saves random strangers possessing your email and instant messaging information. If anyone decides to give it a go, let me know what it's like.

- Wondering about the political alliance of your favorite celebrity? Newsmeat's Hall of Fame lists stars from Steve Buscemi (John Kerry for President campaign) to Rupert Murdoch (Republican) to Leonard Nimoy (MoveOn.org). It's absolutely fascinating. It looks as if there are a lot of rich people backing Kerry for Presidency (and none of whom seem to broadcast their political alliance - unless I missed that somehow).



A handful of the things the week's churned up for me :

Abortion Issues;

- Kerry says he believes that life begins at conception.

"Kerry broke new ground in an interview that ran in the Dubuque, Iowa, Telegraph Herald. A Catholic who supports abortion rights and has taken heat from some in the church hierarchy for his stance, Kerry told the paper, 'I oppose abortion, personally. I don't like abortion. I believe life does begin at conception.'

'I can't take my Catholic belief, my article of faith, and legislate it on a Protestant or a Jew or an atheist," he continued in the interview. "We have separation of church and state in the United States of America.'"

Nice one Kerry. You keep that whole church and state separation issue in your mind, and you'll make a half-decent President. Well, in comparison to the current one anyway.

- Blair hints at abortion law changes.

"The prime minister was asked on Wednesday about calls for the 24-week time limit for terminations for "social" reasons to be halved.

He told MPs at prime minister's questions: 'I have not had an opportunity myself to study in detail the evidence that has been provided.

'But I am sure that if the situation does change then it would be advisable for us to have another look at the whole question.

'If the scientific evidence has shifted then it is obviously sensible for us to take that into account.

'If we have proposals to put before the House we will put them.'"

I'm making myself bite my tongue here, because the phrase "social reasons" in relation to abortion has vile misogynist undertones. I am not someone who could ever have an abortion, but I do not by any means condemn other people who do. And I certainly don't consider an abortion to be an easy choice, or one that a woman could ever go through the horrific process (which is basically an induced miscarriage) as if she were buying a pair of shoes. One of my very strong opinions about this issue, is that I don't believe men have a right to control what a woman does to her body (regardless of whether your DNA is in there - once you choose to discard the condom, you discard your right to control what happens to your sperm, don't argue, I'm right. Mkay? Mkay.), and the ideal that men think women have abortions for "social reasons" makes me vomit bile all over their genetalia. It's fucking repulsive, and there is no reason whatsoever for anyone to think it. It's a woman's right issue, not a children's right issue - if a foetus cannot survive outside the womb, then in my mind, they are still dependant on the woman's body. That makes it her decision, and her decision only. I'm sick of the right wing anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-freedom bullshit that's flying around, and the fact that Tony Blair would even consider it, secures my vote against him.

To tell you the truth, I've been expecting it. He's been hanging around Bush for far too long to not pick up even more of his policies.

Other things;

- Two children are thrown 60ft from an SUV on an overpass onto the street below.(Bugmenot)

Buckle up kids! That's why to wear a seatbelt.

- More Blair.

This time he's admitting that the WMD's in Iraq probably won't be found. Cue a discovery in a week or two by "heroic" American troops. *gag*

- Kept in a cage, beaten with brooms, malnutrition, next to no education, ate their own faeces to prevent more abuse; parents of these children got 9 months jail time.

"The rationale offered yesterday for the light sentence by Ontario Court Judge Donald Halikowski was that the couple were not sadists but well-meaning parents poorly equipped to handle two difficult boys, whom they caged from the ages of 2 and 3. And now they, the parents, are remorseful."

Why? Because they had GOOD INTENTIONS. You have no idea how angry I am about that. Not to mention disappointed. That's Canadian news. Canada is meant to be better than that; good and kind and fair. Those fuckers should have been jailed for life, which is pretty much only going to encourage this kind of behaviour to further extremes. Here's Another article about the case.

- Marlon Brando was cremated, and died of lung failure.

- A great Windows security checklist.

Read the comments though: #4, 5 and 6 don't really apply if you download Firefox, and AVG Antivirus is the best free antivirus out there. I use it (alongside the Adaware and Spybot spyware killers, and Zonealarm firewall mentioned at the link above).

- Keira's tits aren't big enough.

Neither is her skin brown enough or her stomach thin enough, made her hair slightly darker and glossier, they gave her a tattoo and did something to her eyeline in the promotional pictures for "King Arthur". Airbrushing ahoy! Should be an interesting film though.

[Sources include Jason Kottke and Andy Baio, as well as my own wasting of time]



Although we can edit our blogs, we cannot necessarily edit the people who read the first version we publish. I don't feel like a very anonymous person on the internet - even though that the fact remains that if I changed my instant messaging/email addresses and stopped blogging, people would have an extremely hard time reaching me. But what is prevalent is that there is a large part of myself and my thoughts dating back to at least 2002, on the internet. Some of it is in permanent stasis, and some is lost forever.

There are just certain things that I don't want people to be able to call up when they wish to take a cheap shot in an online argument. It's going to happen to me later in life when I push my attention seeking little self out into the literary world's eye, and until then, I want to be able to keep a blog format that doesn't come across like a Livejournal would (I have a Livejournal, and I use it to whine, bitch and occasionally discuss my relationship with the few people I have on my friends list - but even then, I've refrained from posting certain things), that retains a little joy and dignity, something that I don't have to deny or regret. I will never deny or regret my opinions, as all are subject to constant change and upgrading. But sometimes, even though it's not always our fault, one's personal life causes shame, embarassment, regret and pain. Whilst I never condone the ideal of self-censorship, especially not when it comes to writing, there is certainly something to be said about comfort and a sense of responsibility in the sentences you create and share with the world.

In dreams, lie the core of your being.

- a seagulls cry: a grating imitation of a distressed kitten mewl, pealing around a vast jagged space lined in part by craggy hundred feet high cliffs; and then it’s eroded away by the salty wind. The ocean crept in, advancing on a fifteen foot high white sea wall, no grace, only the danger of the turned tide. The water was grey and cold and muddy, brushed with debris that the fingers of mermen had cast aside in their travels. You can't see over the wall, your mind's eye scrabbles at the flat surface desperately, fearing death by drowning, fearing the sweeping wind and waters, over the ripples of the rabid surf and then weight down down down, right into the wet black depths. Out there, only the stump of a disappearing island protrudes: a grim grey erection of rock and scrubby plantlife, holding onto life for no apparent reason other than it once featured in the corner of a maritime artists canvas. What desolation lay there...

I finished my first, full length short story the other day. Now, short stories come and go, and usually they end up being victims of my short attention span. But this one worked, and it's worked well. Better than anything I've ever done. I'm absolutely thrilled to bits that I've pushed myself another step forward with my writing, and the above is the first section of the 7000 plus words. I do need to edit that last 2000 words or so though, as they are more than a little unpolished.


100 things about me:

(totally stolen from gsan)

1. I'm totally white and English.
2. My natural hair colour is that Celtic strand of brown with red highlights running through.
3. I have owned 10 cats, 3 dogs, 3 guinea pigs, 5 birds, 3 hamsters, 2 gerbils and a bunny.
4. I've been overweight since I was about seven years old.
5. I love children.
6. My favorite colour is pink.
7. I hate people who misuse the English Language.
8. Popbitch is one of my favorite sites.
9. I find it really hard to talk about myself.
10. I once had gothic aspirations as a teen.
11. In my early teens I was an obsessive WWF fan, and wanted to (alternately) be a wrestler or a sports commentator.
12. I have seen every episode of every cheesy American sitcom you can think of.
13. Older, dark haired masculine men are my biggest weakness/motivator in life.
14. My bra size is 38DD.
15. I've never really had close friends.
16. I like wearing boyshort underwear.
17. I like to be driven to the middle of nowhere for no reason.
18. I have lost a stone and a half since the beginning of May.
19. I have a big assed, scintillating secret that's going to come out at the end of the year.
20. My favorite food is sushi.
21. My best GCSE grades at aged 16 were A* (English Language), A (History, Geography, French, Religious Studies, English Literature).
22. Maths is not my strong point.
23. I despise people who wear denim jackets with denim jeans.
24. My favorite computer games are the "Legend of Zelda" and "The Sims" series.
25. I have little to no money.
26. I'm despicably bisexual.
27. I hate being overweight.
28. I'm impatient and hypocritical.
29. I don't really drink alcohol, but other substances are good.
30. I am proud of the person that I choose to spend my life with.
31. I have a tattoo.
32. I hate living in the UK, and I would sell my soul to be able to live in Vancouver.
33. I get terrible anxiety attacks.
34. The two most cutest things in the world are sleeping kitties and babies.
35. I like to create things.
36. I have really obscure dreams.
37. The only family member that I truly loved, aside from my brother, was my maternal grandfather. He was the greatest man alive.
38. I've been told that I initially seem like a bitch to strangers.
39. I look good in fitted shirts.
40. I love intellectual fags.
41. William Gibson is my current literary fetish.
42. I once met Harry Secombe.
43. I can be tenuously linked to lots of celebrities via my partner.
44. I will always have terrible teeth - my mouth is terribly small.
45. I also have short tooth roots, which meant I couldn't have braces.
46. I dread the idea of false teeth.
47. I once had a crush on a boy named Ben Caddick. He had coconut gel in his hair, we all had filofaxes, and played adventure games.
48. I'm a very neat and clean person.
49. I'm very lazy with my music listening.
50. I enjoy a lot of Channel Four documentary programming.
51. I'm too hard on myself and my abilities.
52. I dislike people who have similar tastes to me.
53. I read more science fiction books than I realise.
54. I dropped out of mainstream education when I was 17 and going to an independant college.
55. I have never been to University, and I don't ever intend to.
56. I'm a film buff.
57. When I do drink alcohol, it's usually Smirnoff Ice, or Diet Coke & Vodka.
58. I rarely wear makeup, and I'm oddly confident enough to go bare faced in public on a regular basis.
59. I have Marilyn Monroe's figure.
60. I hate doing the dishes.
61. When I brush my teeth, I spray toothpaste all over the mirror.
62. I love peace and quiet on sunny days.
63. I find it easy to get in a rut, which I hate.
64. I'm a self taught guitar player - but I've been taught recorder and a little flute.
65. I write prose better than the average internet user.
67. My roots always need doing.
68. I've been friends with my oldest online buddy for four years, and I've never seen or met him.
69. I occasionally participate in late night talk radio discussions.
70. IRC doesn't like me.
71. I can't live in a house with closed windows.
72. I believe in no god but myself.
73. I hate in-jokes and squabbling.
74. I can't type on deepset keyboards.
75. I lose my virginity this year.
76. I despair at people who can't finish the things they start.
77. I hate the new wave of punk/emo bullshit.
78. I fear that my rights will be taken from me.
79. I've started to listen to more pop music.
80. I resent A Perfect Circle, as they cancelled one date on their last tour - the one I was going to.
81. When I win my first prize for my writing, I'm going to be wearing a killer dress, and say something rude to piss off the literary elite.
82. I think smoking is the rudest of all indulgances, as well as being utterly disgusting.
83. I believe there is a spectacle conspiracy, as I don't remember having problems with my eyes until after I started wearing glasses.
84. My parents divorced when I was eleven.
85. Neither of my parents have remarried.
86. I hate people who don't vote, or take an interest in the world around them.
87. I have a limited capacity to love people, so I limit my attention to just a few people.
88. I know an engineer in California.
89. I once had to blag my way through the train system after an unfortunate night in Manchester. God bless you Virgin Trains.
90. My feet are small but wide, so I have problems finding shoes.
91. When strangers IM me and expect me to be polite to them when I don't know who they are (and they won't introduce themselves), it annoys me so much I swear and block them.
92. One of my favorite smells is the non-specific smell of summer.
93. I have dissected a pig's heart.
94. I hated the people I went to school with, and I'm not in contact with a single one of them now.
95. It's taken me a while to catch up to the world, thanks to my parents irresponsibility.
96. I aspire beyond my white trash background.
97. I want to visit Cuba, Rome, Tokyo, Paris, Australia, the US and Germany/Austria.
98. I had a good time hanging out at church when I was a kid, but I believe the secrecy, oppression and lies that they cultivate are one of the most damaging aspects of society.
99. My writing is as important to me as my partner, and I do as much as I can to make both of them work.
100. Even though I said I wouldn't, I'm watching Big Brother again this year.

Eye Spy.

Two interesting things I saw on the way to the bank assessment :-

- Al Pacino jogging. He was short. And rather sexy (OK, it wasn't really Al Pacino, but a dopelganger. I see them all the time).

- A completely and utterly erotic image. This boy was perched upon this six foot high wall; all white vest and jeans, and bleach blonde hair. Kinda pug-ugly, but it fit his image. And between his legs he had a gigantic jackhammer drill, and was pouding away at the wall he was standing on, sending up huge clouds of dust and throwing bits of brick everywhere. It was just...fuckin' awesome. I stood there, and stared, and he pounded away, totally oblivious to the drool that was sliding out of my mouth and hitting the concrete pavement. If I wasn't late for the assessment, I would have stood there all day. It instantly reminded me of the Allen Ginsberg poem (that I can't quote, or remember the title of because I left my book in Canada where he's watching a young builder boy take a break from his work. Just...totally enthralling.


Bunch of Self.

Will Self interviews (from WillSelf.co.uk):

- Penguin
- Guardian
- Idler
- Independant

Library Run.

After the agency interview today, I made a quick detour to the library after...*ahem* spending a minute amount of money I shouldn't have on summer-related on-sale tops in a store on the way to the bus - *cue justification for spending money she doesn't have on clothes that weren't work related*.

Anyway. I got out the following pieces of fine literature :

- "Graham Norton - Laid Bare" by Alison Bowyer (I figure if you're going to read a biography about the a man who wears snakeskin suits, it might as well have a sparkly pink dust jacket!).

- "The War Against Cliche" by Martin Amis (Bad boy of literature? We'll see. These are his book reviews [and others?] from various high profile newspapers. I get this feeling that much like Will Self, I'll find myself liking him despite his upper middle class sensibilities).

- "All Families Are Psychotic" by Douglas Coupland (I'm EATING VANCOUVER writers like sushi & Japanese noodles. And he's a great writer.)

- "Lolita" by Vladimir Nabokov (If you know me, you know why I am absolutely ecstatic to finally be reading this. If you really know me, you'll be wondering why I haven't read this before).

Some Junk.

I keep using the word "junk" a little too much. Probably because I'm writing about heroin addiction intertwined with various other things (nearly said it again then) - murder and old relationships being one of them. I'll blog an excerpt sometime soon, when I'm done.

Some more randomly interesting links:

- Michael Moore's inviting copyright pirates to distribute his film.

“I don’t agree with the copyright laws and I don’t have a problem with people downloading the movie and sharing it with people as long as they’re not trying to make a profit off my labour. I would oppose that,”

“I do well enough already and I made this film because I want the world, to change. The more people who see it the better, so I’m happy this is happening.”

“Is it wrong for someone who’s bought a film on DVD to let a friend watch it for free? Of course it’s not. It never has been and never will be. I think information, art and ideas should be shared.”

- Religion oppressive and secretive? Above the law? Never! (I'm almost getting tired of finding these articles now. It's all the same - god, sexual abuse, a ring of self-governing and lack of punishment. Copy/paste and repeat.

"Ruth says she was six — maybe younger — when her older brothers, Johnny E. Byler, twenty-six, and Eli E. Byler, twenty-three, first sexually assaulted her. Over the next decade, they raped Ruth more than 200 times in the washrooms, barns and bedrooms of the farmhouses in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania where they lived. At least once, her stepfather, seventy-seven-year-old William Kempf, attacked her as well, knocking her unconscious during an argument.
If the abuse was a secret in the family, it wasn't particularly well kept. Some of the Bylers' Wisconsin neighbors blame Ruth's mother, forty-nine-year-old Sally Kempf, for allowing the attacks. According to the La Cross Tribune, Sally once told her daughter, 'You don't fight hard enough, and you don't pray hard enough.'"

- You Whores! is a site where people pimp themselves, their abilities, their possessions for monetary or material gain. Or seek it out. It's absolutely enthralling entertainment.

South Korean's can't blog?

I found a Metafilter thread about this the other day. It seems that the South Korean government's attempts to censor the stream of information reaching it's people are now outrunning Chinese restrictions; Blogger, Livejournal and Typepad seem to be wavering in and out of accessibility for those in the divided country. Whilst it seems to be ISP based, the main reason for this escalating censorship seems to be based around the beheading of Kim Sun-Il (the Korean hostage captured and beheaded by rebel fighters in Iraq) and the government's unwillingness to let a potential propaganda poster child be exposed as a "weak" murder victim who pleaded for his life to be spared.

The internet furore is mainly centred around this letter, written by Kevin Kim:

"South Korea is a rapidly evolving country, but in many ways it remains the Hermit Kingdom. Like a turtle retreating into its shell, the people are on occasion unable to deal with the harsh realities of the world around them. This country is, for example, in massive denial about the atrocities perpetrated in North Korea, and, as with many Americans, is in denial about the realities of Islamic terrorism, whose roots extend chronologically backward far beyond the lifetime of the Bush Administration. This cultural tendency toward denial (and overreaction) at least partially explains the Korean government's move to censor so many sites."

where email addresses are given, and the issue is expanded on.

[Source Link - Metafilter]


Wasting time.

I'm enjoying using Blogger again. I just had a play around with the new profile feature, and this is what I came up with. Clicking on the links, it's remarkable how non-unique I am. ;)

Anyway. Time to dump some links that I found interesting this week:

- Erin Bell discovers that the E3 Booth Babes can actually speak. Millions of geeks spontaneously implode, and Slashdot falls suspiciously silent, until provoked via threats to their masculinity.

- Sharon Stone's "Perk" list. She demands her name to be as big as the main title onscreen and in paid advertisements; screenplay, director, producer and principal cast approval; she won't sleep in Starwagons; she requires two separate trailers for her nanny/baby and her make up and styling; she won't pay all cellular bills; assistants, nanny and trainer to all be provided; still photographs have to be pre-approved, and the photographer has no rights or ownership to the images; "absolutely no use of name in connection with firearms, alcohol, tobacco or feminine hygiene products" (WHAT'S WRONG SHARON, DID YOUR VAGINA STOP BLEEDING WHEN YOU EARNED YOUR FIRST MILLION $$$$'S?); pre-approval of behind the scenes footage; and the nudity section has to be read to be believed.

So that's why she doesn't make films anymore.

- I'm planning a big assed rant about gay culture sometime in the future. This is one of the reasons why. (Use Bugmenot)

- Metafilter remembers Marlon Brando (I love the poem).

- Looking for a font? Ask this site!

- I don't know about you, oh fellow ladies of the blog-o-sphere, but I like not wearing make up. I wear make up on special occasions, or for making a good impression on someone (I've been wearing it a lot for job interviews, and I swear, my skin breathes a sigh of relief when I chip it off when I get back home). So,this kind of thing, although initially it seems practical, just strikes me as trashy and ugly in the long term. I've never come across a single man (because that's pretty much the purpose of wearing make up: to impress other people. And if you're out to impress women, you're either gay, or misguided.) that has ever expressed a great huge desire to see women in heavy or permanent make up. Make up is a great great tool. But it's something that should be taken off at the end of the day, and should never, ever be as painful as a tattoo. Plus, do you really want to look like this :

[Sources include Kottke.org, Waxy.org and Metafilter.]


Heavenly Creatures (1994)

Heavenly Creatures is one of my influential films. I first saw it when it appeared on the cable movie channels, so it would have been around 1996, thus making me about twelve years old.

It's the story of two girls, one quiet and from a poor background (Pauline - played by Melanie Lynskey), the other rich but sickly and neglected (Juliet - played by Kate Winslet); that escape from their lives through a dramatic and dark fictional world created inside their own heads and then written, painted and moulded out of clay. But their parents become concerned about the obsessiveness (which is merely an intense lesbian relationship between the two) and intervene, making all attempts to separate them, which finally leads to Juliet being sent away via a parental divorce . This leads to desperate behaviour - at first they create a plan to escape to Hollywood, but they fall $30 short of the necessary money and Pauline can't get a passport without her parents permission. Then they fall upon a horrific plan. During the last weeks that they spend together, they resolve to kill Pauline's mother - the perceived obstacle in the pursuit to stay together. They propose a day trip, and take her into the woods, and fooling her into picking up a planted jewelled stone, they then club her to death with a brick wrapped in a stocking and then report the murder to the police. Unfortunately, through documenting their plans through her yearly diary, the police quickly discovered the truth about the murder, and the couple are separated and jailed, later released under the condition that they never meet again. It's tragic and beautiful and horrific, all at the same time.

This was a true story.

I found something else that's rather interesting about it last year. One of the pair, once released, later became a crime novelist, and a very successful one to boot. I can't remember her name, as obviously her name was changed post-release. It was something like Anne.

"It was heavenly, beautiful, and ours"

Watching this story now, 10 years after it was released, I'm wondering whether it affected me to any degree. It's absolutely heartbreaking and disturbing and a thousand other moving adjectives that you can find in the English dictionary. A true classic. I recommend it to anyone who's in the least bit interested in gay/thriller/true life cinema. It's also wonderfully shot, and the aesthetics totally reflect the eerie bleak colour of the atmosphere. In parts, it reminds me of Adrian Lyne's "Lolita", another favorite of mine.


Post-mortem chill.

The death of someone that mattered something in my hemisphere, and my laziness in appreciating that someone - it kinda puts a chill about me. A changing, seemingly dead end life in progress, well, that doesn't help either.

I'll just dump some links here for now.

A "Matrix" command line style blog.
Google's banned the sale/manipulation of Gmail Invites.
Mozilla benefits where Microsoft Fails.

Marlon Brando is Dead.

The last great Hollywood rebel. Naturally talented and goodlooking, he lived his life to his own standards. I weep for the loss of the man I saw in "A Streetcar named Desire", "Last Tango in Paris" and "Mutiny on the Bounty" (a film I only saw the other week). He wasn't meant to die yet. He was meant to live forever.

IMDB profile.
E! Online profile.
Online clips of his work.
AOL fan site.
TIME magazine profile.

KPHO Phoenix - Marlon Brando Dies at Age 80

Marlon Brando Dies at Age 80

American CBS related site KPHO.com is reporting that Marlon Brando has died.

"The man called the greatest actor of all time has died.
CBS 5 News has learned Marlon Brando passed away Thursday in Los Angeles. Brando may be best known for his roles in "The Godfather" and "On the Waterfront". He won oscars for his work in those 2 films. The cause of death is still unknown. Marlon Brando was 80 years old."

If this is true, I am devastated and I'm going to cry. I love MB.

Culled from Popbitch.

Fark has the link up too.


Drudge Report just removed the "Online Hoax" title and is now reporting it as their top story.

More from Drudge :

# KNBC has just learned that LA city fire department was called 2 times last night to respond to Brando's residence at 12900 Mulholland Drive - 1st time at 9:48pm and the 2nd at 11:03. Both calls were cancelled, thus the fire dept. considers it as a 'no call'....


And now Defamer is reporting it.

4:30pm - And fuck. Sky News has it. It's official. He's dead.

Rest in Peace Marlon. I'll miss you.


Farenheit 9-11 Transcripts

Wondering about the film that everyone's talking about? (*gags on cliche*) Red Line Rants has a two part transcript of the film. I'm not quite sure what the political sway of the site is - seems to be Republican. Well, each to his own.

Part One
Part Two

Fucking Magpie.

Some sad Courtney Love gossip.

"If anyone really gives a monkeys
Courtney Love is broke. Kitty radio is asking for sponsors as Love can't afford the $5K server fee per year and some bastard ahs runn off with all her money including the money that was FB Cobains inheritance.

67, 12:29 30/6, Reply"

"A walking coffin case who should be up to her knees in cash. But her manager and ex have nabbed all the cash. See also a very old post about how the house help have been stealing her pictures of her and kurt and Fb , colour xeroxing them for the frames and then selling the originals on ebay. Oh and Kurts mother has also been dragged in to brankrupcey as well.

67, 12:37 30/6, Reply"

Everyone in her life has treated her like this. It saddens me right down to the marrow of my bone that people could treat her in the way that they do...even if someone's difficult, you don't have the right to behave in that manner towards them. You have the right to bitch and moan, but not to act in that way. Not only that, but if you steal from then and they have children, then you're stealing from the children. And what kind of person steals from children? Utter scum.


I'm addicted to the Bananaphone flash. It's absolutely mental, and the evil one looks exactly like a buddy of mine from the ETS board. Most online Flash is reasonably disposable, but this is just...crazygood.

I hope there will be a sequel in the future.


Nearly forgot - the fourth part of the Mario Brothers series by 19 year old Alexander Leon. If you've missed any of the previous episodes, click here to be taken to the website that was set up after the popularity exceeded Leon's expectations (no suprise really - he matches the sounds with the action with the eye of a genius!). And if you enjoyed that, you'll be glad to know there's a fifth part in the works.

A is for apple, B is for bush.

To kick off this link dump, here's one for my favorite Daddies out there : kindergarteners photograph the alphabet.

"One pupil noted that her father's eyebrows formed an 'M'"

So. Darned. Cute. Genuine I'm expecting something from you on this topic, seeing as Blue Sloth is otherwise preoccupied with his writing.

Underblogger 2004

"Do you know of (or run) a quality blog that deserves a bit of extra attention? What blog/s do you read that you wish others knew about?"

This seems to have popped up right after I moaned about my two most favorite bloggers not being recognised. So, I added them. I don't even know if Joe. My. God. even reads my blog, but I needed to add him. There are tonnes of others that I should have put up there too, but I've lost half the links to my favorites, and I doubt I will ever get them back. Also, you can only add five blogs, so if I didn't choose the two I moaned about and no more than that, then I would have ended up being spoilt for choice. Add yours, and lets see what happens.

(More blogging to follow - I've been incredibly busy with that REAL LIFE STUFF - which means an update to Getting Out of Town too!)