More NYC Bullshit.

I mostly read New York blogs, for some reason, probably the same as why I read Defamer but not Gawker. I'm a bit queer like that. Anyway, from a small select bunch of sources, I've managed to pick up on even more NYC/Republican Convention bullshit.

Take for instance, the story of the photographer harrassed for taking pictures, when tourists milling around the same area were doing exactly the same thing. Could it be because of what the final picture exposes? (Here's a clue, it could be something to do with the colour of his skin!) Or yet another statement by one of the bikers arrested on the weekend.

It's out of hand. Seriously out of hand. Let's cut the crap, eh people? Taking pictures, riding bikes and protesting the Republican convention is not a reason to ostracise, attack or abuse your power to remove these people from society. How about you talk about freedom when we get a chance to exercise it. I have to fly out to Canada from London in a month or so, and I'm not going to happily go through a mental-rectal examination to do so.