Has anyone else noticed the stupid amount of Microsoft publicity around recently? It doesn't seem to be connected to anything in particular - not even the launch of their Google-clone MSN search, or whatever it's called (I don't really care, I'm never going to use it). It just seems to be Bill Gates sat around discussing the techie world that he is so completely out of touch with (does he even use the internet these days? Can he remember what a commandline looks like?), to a bunch of reporters as a method of defending his company from the recent attacks. You know, where we're the h4x0rs and he's the Jesus Christ figure - "forgive them, they know not what they do" - and Firefox isn't a threat and Linux is unstable. In the crazy world that Bill Gates lives in, probably the same world that dreamed up the public-profile-boosting advertisement that I saw on TV the other day that involved swirly pretty designs, urban people and the implication that Microsoft makes stable useful software.

I laughed for, oh, ten minutes. Bill, we know you know you're losing your grip on your success. You might have enough money to hide the flaws, but as I've stated a few times in the last few months...Microsoft is getting pwned in 2005. And there is nothing you can do to stop it.