So, I've been learning the wonderful ins and outs of CSS as an addition to my resume (which is terrible). After slogging through the horrendous language that is HTML, CSS might be a little tricky to grasp (like when you first approach algebra), but in the longterm it's absolutely fantastic. The language focuses on moving the design outside of the bulk of the .html file, so that you can just get on with adding content: minimal tags, mass organisation. I love it. The only thing I dislike about this learning process, is that everyone keeps telling me to keep HTML tables, which clutter up the file like nobody's business. As soon as I can, I'm moving away from tables, and onto pure CSS. It gives me peace of mind.

As for the final two objects on the list that I made, earlier this evening I moved onto creating additional pages for the project (which is now a project, as opposed to a learning pallette), which included new logos and transferring the basic formatting on the main page onto a sub-page for alternate uses. I also took the CSS from the .html file and put it on a completely separate .css file. I'll work through tonight creating new pages, and hopefully uploading some content (and maybe even adding a top navigation bar). I'm not doing too well in terms of making conscious design decisions - it's a pretty 2 dimensional layout. I'm hoping to improve on that with time, but for now, it's presentable.

I'll link to it when I'm done. It's purpose? To add extra pages to this blog: partly to display writing, and information about myself, but I also want to get around to changing the template on this thing (whilst keeping it hosted on Blogger, for bandwidth purposes - at some point, I'll really need to get some paid-for hosting). So it's another revolution at hand my friends. Keep your eyes peeled.