When I heard that Pete Doherty (crack addict, former member of the band the Libertines, current member of Babyshambles) had been arrested for assault and thieving I thought "no shit, he's a crack/heroin addict" (nice combination of addictions there, don't you think?). Then I heard he got bail (on Popbitch). Now it turns out that he spent his fourth night in jail, because no one has raised the cash (it looks like he'll be released on Tuesday though, regardless).

Excuse me while I laugh silently behind my hand. It's not that I dislike ol' Pete, but the celebrity circus ring that has been created around him is ridiculous. He's on indie girls walls as the poster boy for rock and roll when all he really is, is a junkie. Junkie's aren't cool, they'll make friends with you and then nick your kid's piggy bank to go score drugs. So I smile, because it's a complete and utter disaster. At least, if he survives his addictions, he's going to write one hell of a book (he's actually a reasonably talented writer when he wants to be).