Linux installed...very...very...tired...

It took a good few hours of stupidity and miscommunication, plus Google, plus soup and salad, plus Gaim. But I have MandrakeLinux partitioned, working, with browser, IRC, IM, OpenOffice and 2GB's of pure space. At some point, I saw god in the kernel and decided that this would be my clean zen-like space in which to do productive things (although I do have IRC installed, which could quite possibly void that feeling), most of which include research, writing, blog building and other life building exercises. Peer2Peer, mp3's, popculture and junk can stay well over in the Windows partition for now.

At this second I am filled with the joys of achievement, and despite my complete newb-ness, I'd really like to have just wiped the whole thing and done a clean install. But alas, for now, it shall not be, and the revolution shall only have 2 gigs to grow in. But y'know, I'm pretty good at working in confined spaces.