Firefox 1.0.1 released.

The new version of Firefox is out today. I know that the majority of people that pass this way are still using MSIE 6, so I'm not preaching to the choir quite just yet. Go check it out. Updates include:

  • Whole bunch of spoofing vulnerabilities are fixed.
  • Image drag and drop now allows you to create .exe files.
  • "New Updates Available" popup in bottom right-hand corner no longer pops up endlessly or has excessive hits on update service.
If you're lazy, like I am, then the update will be made available via Tools>Pref/Options>Advanced>Update next week. Mozilla has chosen to leave it turned off due to "the daunting task of updating all 27+ million people who have downloaded and are using Firefox today" (Asa of Mozilla commented on the Slashdot thread).

And for all you hipsters who hate popular things, check this post out:

"Remember that it's not just one geek-friendly browser we're talking about here - the future of the entire internet's at stake. The popularity of this one browser could be the only thing that prevents the web turning into a microsoft-dominated proprietary system a few years down the line, destroying any chance linux might have had on desktop machines."

Would you avoid wearing a condom because everyone else uses them?

[From Slashdot]