Hot but stupid.

"They claim, for instance, to have slept with representatives from every major record company in the UK. And they allege that when they found themselves the subject of a fierce bidding war last autumn, they signed with the label that offered them a bottle of whiskey, copious cigarettes and a packet of condoms. You wouldn't know any of this to look at the five young men gathered around a table in a tiny Thai restaurant in Brooklyn. Struck down by a cold, guitarist Michael Zakarin droops, pale and wan, at the end of the table. The rest of them are unnervingly polite. Issued with the challenge, "So, tell me about the women", they clam up. There's two minutes of embarrassed silence, broken only by the piped music of the half-empty restaurant. Eventually, singer Sam Endicott ventures: "Oh, we're not interested in ladies. We date each other, we're too busy making love to each other."
~ Laura Barton,The World Isn't Such a Bad Place Y'know (review of the band The Bravery, whose lead singer I would fuck mercilessly because he looks like Morrissey/Elvis combined)