Linkdump 7/2/05

  • Do you know who created what we know as the internet? Tim Berniers-Lee invented the World Wide Web and continues to take a hand in the development of web standards (non-compulsory recommendations that apply to the way the internet is built. Someone can develop their own language and method of using the internet, which is, after all, only packets being sent around wires, and use it without fear of prosecution/ostracisation) via the W3 Consortium. If you want to know who the most important man on the internet is, I'd take a fair shot at putting the title around his neck.
  • Rita Cosby, Michael Jackson's mother, recently hit out at District Attorney Tom Sneddon with a racial slur against his son. When interviewed on Fox News, she alleged that she heard Sneddon's son was a "skinhead" and a member of white supremacist organisation Aryan Nation.
  • Need portable storage? How about a $7 128MB USB stick (after a $10 rebate - original price $16)? Someone buy me one?
  • "Meanwhile, a small number of emotionally damaged former children, embraced and adored by millions of teenagers like them, rage on in every commercial medium available about the multiple damages of the disappearance of loving, protective, attentive adults — and they reap a fortune for it. If this spectacle alone doesn’t tell us something about the ongoing emotional costs of parent-child separation on today’s outsize scale, it’s hard to see what could." - Mary Eberstadt, "Eminem is Right"
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