Shrinking Fish.

From BBC News:

"The shrinking size of fish due to their overexploitation has dire consequences for the recovery of depleted stocks, scientists have claimed. Fishing drives natural selection for smaller fish that grow more slowly and have reduced reproductive potential. These changes are genetic and therefore hard to reverse, scuttling the renewal of dwindling fish populations."

So yeh, the human race is really great at not managing to tamper with other species for our own selfish needs. Despite our claims to being a superior species, we aren't being very responsible with the superiority, are we? Still, my first thought was that I like eating fish more than I do meat. What would happen if fish began to dwindle and die out? No more salmon cakes, for sure. But what kind of effect would it have on the ocean? On other animals? On employment in lesser city areas? Reports like this are so easy to look over...and then years later we wonder where we went wrong. Unfortunately, I don't hold much hope of anything changing in the near future.