Boycott Nelly!

"Church ministers are trying to prevent rapper Nelly performing in Arkansas, saying they do not want his "vile and filthy lyrics" in their town. More than 20 Jonesboro ministers urged music fans to boycott Nelly's 12 March concert at Arkansas State University in a bid to have it cancelled.

'Jonesboro is a wonderful city because of what does not come here,' said the Reverend Adrian Rodgers."

Now, ordinarily, I wouldn't have picked up on this in my blog. But there's something rather creepy about a church leader that proclaims "this city is wonderful because of what does not come here"...don't you think? It's almost an opener for a 70's horror flick. As if somehow, there's this great big denial campaign occurring, and somewhere in a darkened barn there's a mentally unstable teenager plotting the destruction of the town whilst listening to Nelly. Y'know, the guy who sings: "It's getting hot in here/so take off all your clothes". Wow, what evil threatens Jonesboro!