Fight Club.

  • - "Women's boxing seems to be barely not worth worrying about, another freak show, except that for all the indignities and the lack of reward, the fighters keep coming. There's no shortage of working class girls out there who, when all else fails, rely on their physical selves and swing away, hoping to steal a little celebrity on the side." ~ Battered Women by Benjamin Wallace-Wells
  • - "When you’re very small, your mother tells you, ‘Don’t go alone on the street. Be careful of certain guys.’ You grow up in fear; you can’t really develop naturally, trusting everybody. So I try to turn it around: Holding a gun behind your naked butt says, ‘He can’t really trust you, even if you’re naked.'" ~ Hanin Elias, in an interview with Jay Babcock of the LA Weekly.
  • - "You couldn't do this music if you didn't have the attitude or experiences that we've all had, living here with politics that affects every aspect of our lives, so this is our motivation. I don't think we have any choice but to express ourselves in this way & to reach as many people as we can." ~ Nic Endo, one of the musicians on the DHR record label and former member of Atari Teenage Riot, in an interview with Free Radical Sounds.