"Whether a teenage all-girl pop-rock band can capitalise on their success is a more moot point. James Roberts, A&R editor of trade magazine Music Week, has his doubts: "There's nothing to actually say that's what kids want, there's not been a successful act like that for ages. The last one that tried was Simon Fuller's 21st Century Girls, and that was a real disaster.

Now kids are into bands rather than obviously manufactured artists in the Gareth Gates sense. It'll be interesting to see how these do. It's a lot harder to generate loyalty for a female pop act, because predominantly you're selling to 14-year-old girls and the biggest hook for them is that it's a male band that they fancy. It's a pretty open secret in the music industry that it's easier to launch a boy band than a girl band."

~What, no pillow fights? by Alexis Petridis.