Up the road and around the corner from my house, there is a red brick wall. There's a yard beyond it, it's topped with rusty barbed wire, and across the brickwork, the words "ROCK AND ROLL" were once written. The "rock" was crossed out and replaced with "PUNK". I think it's been painted over now...

I've written about graffiti before. It's a staple part of the urban culture of Bristol, a city I've lived in for a good 20 years, a place that's built me from the ground up to be an innovative witty artist (or at least, aim to be one). Pictures of Walls is a site that bears no "about" page, just a flash gallery and a submit page that states:

"Submit your flicks. No "proper" graffiti or nazi crap obviously."

It's made my day. Someone is finally archiving the pictures I've been talking about, but have been unable to document myself due to lack of a digital camera. If you want to know how I see my city, this is the place to go. It's giving you the binoculars to examine what most other people tut and bypass, or just don't see at all. It's a microworld that has somehow leaked across continents: proving that even when people haven't got the money or the nice suit or even the basic education to make it to a place where they will be listened to, that they will still find a way to be heard. Even if it's just writing across a massproduced billboard ad.