I'm moving house sometime in the next month or so, so the brown cardboard boxes have been appearing, waiting to be filled. Which of course appeals to my organising fetish, and today I've been sorting through my bits and pieces and have filled not one, but two large garbage bags in my pursuit for tidiness.

Things that may have passed over my hands this evening include (but are not limited to): a Rock Sound interview with Alec Empire; a cut out of a woman asking whether dwarves (ie: Little People) penis' are tiny; a glossy magazine recollecting the year 2001; a bootleg Nine Inch Nails t-shirt; a leather Paighton Zoo bookmark; a naked picture of Marilyn Monroe; the hands free microphone/headset for my mobile phone (still in it's plastic wrapper); an inch thick pile of posters, interviews and articles from Kerrang between the years 1998 and 2001; a huge paper BS3 shopping bag that was used to buy a discount hat this time last year and a half used packet of anti-inflammatory painkillers.

I hoard a lot of crap.