As some of you may have noticed, I've modified my Blogger template. I've been using Blogger since April 2003 (my old blog can be found here), which I originally ditched because I lacked the skills and ftp access to change it (check out this site if you're a fellow n00b, and want to change your template to something less generic). Two years later, and I've learnt CSS, and built a site somewhat on my own (thanks to all who helped me process out the crap).

Quick breakdown of the site: it has the usual content...a picture gallery, an about page etc etc. For those who are more interested in my proclamations to talent, there is also a writing section where I've been uploading old short stories (circa 2000-03) and miscellaneous material (textfiles, poetry, minor projects) for your general viewing. I've been told that it's quite a chunk to get through though, so I'm not expecting any feedback for a while, if at all. I also have a weird page dedicated to my influences, but that's very much in progress.

I'm constantly amending and adding to the site right now (especially design-wise), as it's an education in process, but I've thoroughly enjoyed working on it as a whole, and it was definitely worth the anguish and long hours.