I, like most of my fellow bored MTV generation, ran to my TV yesterday when I saw that an arrest warrant had been issued for Michael Jackson. We counted down the minutes as his lawyer paced around the forecourt with a flip top silver cellphone. And then audibly gasped/chuckled when he turned up looking even more of a skeleton than usual, in blue pyjamas and twisted around to wave to his fans despite a "serious" back injury.

This man is an "entertainer", and even if he'd turned up on a stretcher with an IV tube stuck into his arm, I still wouldn't have believed that he wasn't trying to disrupt the balance of the court. He's also 47 years old and shouldn't have to be threatened with a spanking in order to behave himself. How long is this going to continue?

I suppose it at least makes for an amusing topic of conversation.

That is, until you remember he's on trial for child molestation.