The Starbucks Delocator is perfect for all the left-wing vegan hippies I seem to pick up along the road of life, as well as regular lil' me, because I dislike Starbucks just as much as the lefties do. I can embrace the ideal of corporate identity and mass employment as much as the next culture-perve, but when they pop up three-per-corner, thus eradicating small businesses (hello Microsoft!), well, I don't like that and neither should you. Diversity keeps life interesting.

Anyway, the Starbucks Delocator is a helpful pointer to all those non-corporate coffee houses that you might have in your area. As of now, this only works for my friends in the US, but I would imagine they have plans to branch out worldwide (or at least to Canada and the UK). As well as searching, you can also add any stores you know of that aren't on the site, and buy merchandise from CafePress.

(The reason the site isn't actually called the Starbucks Delocator, is because they are afraid of legal repercussions from the company. So I'm taking cues from BoingBoing and helping to perpetuate a moral GoogleBomb.)