Dress Code.

"Marquee is no fashion free-for-all. Wass, a slickly dressed doorman, has rules. "For men, no warm-up suits, sweat pants or gold chains unless you are a chart-topping rap star," he said. "For women I like to call it the Rule of Three: never show more than two of your areas. You can tastefully show some midriff and some leg, but hide your chest."

Frankie Pino, a 22-year-old Rutgers student who made the cut, said: "I try not to be too trendy. Just mature and fashionable. Nothing too over the top." He looked swell in a vintage velvet blazer, white shirt, Diesel jeans and Converse sneakers. Of course, there can be something exhausting about a club full of people trying really hard to look as if they're not trying really hard."

~ "The Clubgoer's Guide to Looking the Look" by Josh Patner.