I've been attempting to write an interesting, revolutionary blog post for the last two hours. I rummaged through the links that I collect on a daily basis. I used the BlogNav (that silver bar up top) to it's full extent, skipping through Malaysian, Indian, teenage, Alaskan, baby, family, Swedish blogs until I got sick and tired of not finding any content outside of people's personal lives (not that it's not interesting, but when looking for inspiration is your main prerogative, the humdrum of a Christian teen's life grates somewhat).

And then I find myself in nothing. Absolutely nothing. I've turned my music off, and all I can hear are my fingers on keys and the breath of my laptop. Darkness crept in over my shoulder, my curtain's closed, my glass is empty. My cable modem clicks green lights and my gut churns a little in memory of last night's excursion to casualty. I've been working for so long and so hard on everything, that it's been a long time since I've managed to sit and do absolutely nothing. It's almost sinister.