Link Dump 31/5/05

  • - "It is 10 a.m. Davis has been here for four hours. The sun is almost directly above his checkpoint, and sweat is running down his face. It is 92 degrees and getting hotter every minute. The heat, Davis says, makes it hard to concentrate and causes soldiers to be jumpy, raising their rifles at anyone they consider a potential bomber." - Guarding a base called 'Danger' by Anna Badhken.
  • - "... [she] describes it as the book she had to write. That urge was clearly strengthened by her own experience of being a troubled outsider: she was anorexic and a self-cutter in junior school, then dropped out of class altogether at 11 because, she says, 'I had more important ways to use the time.'" - Rebel Yell by Angela Neustatter.



"He ensures that the studio high in his Kensington property is warm, and there is often a rich aroma of game roasting down in the kitchen for succulent meals, washed down with champagne, during the breaks. From time to time he will approach the sitter, unnervingly close, centimetres away from the face. He has remarked of his sitters: "I'm interested in them as animals."

One says it's like being at the dentist. Sometimes he works in silence; at other times he chatters. Tilley says that sometimes he loses his temper when things are going wrong and shouts out "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!", whacking the paintbrush across his thigh."

~ Face to face with Freud.


Writing page update.

"we're kicking our own cultural changes
uploading, downloading
sharing and breaking the law
there are no rules where the phonelines

~ War Cities & Madness

I've added five new poems to my writing section. I'm hoping to rehaul the page a little more this weekend, and add material that represents my writing style as it is right now, as the majority of work that's there is extremely out of date (as well as being quite bad in comparison to what I'm churning out at this point). I hope you enjoy it.


NIN cancels MTV performance.

I'm pretty fucked off that Trent Reznor has had to cancel NIN's MTV Movie Awards performance. I'm even more fucked off that it's because MTV won't let him hang a picture of George W. Bush behind the band as they play.

That's the only reason. One lousy, stinking picture.

So let's get this straight. MTV will play political videos (System of a Down, Eminem, Green Day as well as Nine Inch Nails) on heavy rotation. They'll show Marilyn Manson's asscrack next to a burning television cross in Northern Ireland. They'll let Madonna use a person's sexuality as cheap titillation. They'll show women being objectified in rap videos, Bill Clinton talking about pot, implied blowjobs, violence, drugs and sex...

...yet, they won't let Trent Reznor hang a portrait of George W. Bush behind his band?*

"Hypocritical double-standard society-fearing bullshit" is the phrase that springs to mind. Fuck MTV. You guys are talking out of your asses, and none of this makes logical sense whatso-fucking-ever. So go fuck yourselves and your television stations. With this kind of attitude towards musical artists, you'll be at the bottom of the slagheap in no time. Good luck with that.

(*Just to clarify, Trent is very very specifically anti-Republican)

Link Dump 27/5/05

  • - Big Brother 6 starts tonight. It's traditionally approached by everyone as being completely lame and trashy, but I really enjoy it. It's car crash entertainment at it's best. I take the rule that if the first episode catches me, maybe I'll keep on watching (I don't really watch much TV anyway). So I'll be switching on to watch the housemates first hour and a half at the very least.
  • - Being gay in China.
  • - Cocaine use is on the rise. Bunch of interesting statistics about UK drug use.



"...this is a perfect exhibit - the smell of earth and damp and carbon dust, the doors you are warned to close behind you to prevent gas build-up, the props you bash your head on, thankful for the helmet - all this is utterly authentic. The only way they could make it more so would be to ask you to heave some coal to the surface, if you don't mind, on your way out."

~ "We need an award for Dullness" by Jonathan Jones, writing about the single face of the Big Pit in Blaenafon, South Wales.

I went there on a school trip when I was thirteen, and nothing can compare to the overwhelming feeling of enclosure when they close those two doors and you are plunged into pitch darkness, utterly senseless aside from the earthy smell of the tonnes of rock and earth above your head. You are rendered completely aware of your own fragile mortality, that it could be smashed so easily while you stand there: as if someone had ripped out your spine and left you in the middle of the M5.


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QOTSA are supporting NIN this fall.

It's the thwap happy Interscope tour!

QOTSA fans react. And so do NIN fans. Who would win in a battle? Well, we'll see this autumn, won't we?

Unusual Cards.

Unusual Cards

Link Dump 25/5/05

  • - Billie Piper might not be appearing much in Series 2 of the new Doctor Who. I'm trying not to get attached to the characters, I really am, but they are just so good. I don't want Christopher Ecclestone to leave, but apparently the change in Doctors has been written into the script, so no amount of complaining will do much about it.
  • - The BBC aired a documentary about a 16 year old teen mother who died of bone cancer last night. It was incredibly upsetting - they filmed her as she wasted away to skin and bone and tried to live what little life she had left. They only stopped when she was in her final days, and then it was just down to the camera filming her sister coping... or not... with the inevitable loss of her sister. I was completely choked up throughout it all. Mormolyke, my thoughts are still with you.


In an ironic twist in my online life, All Consuming merged with 43 Things last night. I only just signed up to both sites late last week. Nevertheless, it's not too hard to import your original All Consuming list over to the new site, and now the userlist on All Consuming links up to the userlist on 43 Things (although not the other way around it seems). There are also a bunch of neat new features, like the ability to mark things as being done, and the neat collective lists in the right hand column (including a list of your top 5 tags!).

My All Consuming list.
My 43 Things

For more information, check out Erik Benson's letter on the site. Hooray for increased productivity.


Site Down.

My ISP seems to have gone tits up - although their status page says otherwise. Not sure what's happening, but the rest of my site is (temporarily) down. Hopefully normal service will resume shortly.


It's back up now. Sorry about that.


Stupid Porn Law.

The UK courts have decided that porn videos can now only be sold over the counter in specialist stores. While I can see the logic in this, it's pretty ineffectual - not to mention ignorant of the overwhelming fact that kids rarely try to buy porn in the first place. With the internet, p2p and their parent's stashes freely available, it's a waste of time and stress and pocket money to actually try and legally possess any.

Another thing I've never understood is this: why, when our legal age of consent is 16 years old (for all sexualities), and kids are blatently having sex much younger, is it still illegal to watch people having sex on a TV screen? You can do it, you just can't watch it? I wonder (*turn on your sarcasm detectors now!*) if this could have something to do with this country having the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Europe?



" ...sharing work is a very sacred thing, and asking someone to do that, it's kind of like asking someone to kiss you."

~ JT Leroy, in an interview with Bookslut.


You don't need to see this.

Whoever is searching for naked trent reznor pictures... please, for the love of god and all that is good... stop.

Saul Williams

If you're heading out to see the second leg of the Nine Inch Nails tour this year (Barcelona onwards), Saul Williams is the guy who will be supporting the band. You need to hear his album. This man is a genius, and I really owe Trent Reznor for bringing his work back into my gaze.

Google Portal.

Let's put it this way.

The new Google web portal rocks my socks.

Yes, I know it's not much different to Yahoo, but Yahoo has always been cluttered and ugly and just too much for my eyes (it's why I don't use Opera). Google has taken the basic ideal of putting a bunch of personalised crap around their search engine, and made it work. It's clean, it's customisable, it's linked into your gmail account and best of all, it's optional. It's on it's own separate page, it's there if you want it, it's away from the main site if you don't.

(I currently have a large Google news feed for the whole left column, BBC News and the NY Times for the middle and Wired News with Quote/Word of the day in the right.)

The only issue I do have, is that the Google logo takes up too much room, pushing the feeds too far under the main page content. I don't like to have to scroll down to read them. Luckily, I have the RIP extension installed on my browser, so I just deleted the main Google logo. What they should have done, I think, is push the logo over to the left hand side, and reduce the font for the feeds.

Otherwise, a great idea taken and made to work even better.

Link Dump 20/5/05

  • - Gizmodo has more pictures of the Gameboy Micro... this time with the screen on! Looks like a Zelda game. I want one so badly - if they price this below a GBA SP, this is going to crack open the portable market. Nearly everyone will have one.
  • - Tomorrow's Doctor Who has been toned down because a sound effect of a skull cracking was "a bit too horrible". There's also going to be a bit of gay action going on (a character's going to try it on with both Rose Tyler and the Doctor), which I'm looking forward to.


East Street.

East Street in Bedminster is an absolute flea pit. The classic trashy high steet: pawn shops, gambling arcades, secondhand charity shops... and then the usual cheap clothing stores, the butchers/grocers and other hotch potch outlets. There's been a lot of redevelopment recently, as the area's apparently become fashionable (although for what reason, I do not know); yet, they're still allowing new businesses to start up that sell astonishingly cheap alcohol, or just entice people to walk in and gamble away their dole money.

If the council had the balls to stop these places from establishing themselves, and started encouraging slightly more socially positive businesses to take their place, then maybe the levels of crime and general shitty atmosphere that leaks from Bedminster would disappear overnight.



"Just before her father's death, Frida posed for the Hungarian photographer Nickolas Muray, who may well have reminded her of her father. She had an affair with him, and he bought a canvas of hers - What the Water Gave Me (1938) - which includes a bust of her father floating, amid other lifelong debris, in a bath tub.

Muray extended Guillermo's vision of Frida into colour, capturing her carnivalesque fortitude in Technicolor glory. These photographs, now among the most famous images of Frida, depict her on the brink of fame and success. She loved them, and harsh as her vision of herself may seem from her paintings, she wrote in a letter to Muray that she thought his photos turned her into an 'F.W.' - a view half a century of idolaters would come to agree with. 'F.W.' stood for 'fucking wonder'."

~ Photographing Frida Kahlo by Christopher Turner.

Link Dump 18/5/05



I do not like the newly-unveiled Nintendo Revolution. It looks like a naked cable modem. When I buy Nintendo, I part with my cash for a reason: because it's good, solid, well designed, dependable machinery. It does what I need - it's robust enough to be dropped a little, it doesn't just randomly break on me, and it looks pretty damn good all at the same time. This looks like it would break if I sneezed on it, let alone accidentally kicked it when reaching for a drink. And there's a distinct lack of design - did they even employ someone to make it look nice? Was there a budget for it at all? It's not even minimal anti-design design. It just looks... naked! Put some clothes on already!

On a positive note, I do like the way it's built - being able to stand on it's side or lie flat on the floor makes it extremely flexible. And I'm sure it will live up to it's name. But the impression I'm getting right now is halfhearted enough to make me feel like I won't be parting with my cash on this one. And I've owned every console since the SNES.

(PS - Gameboy Micro!)



My good friend Amy Forston has finally got her site together. She's the best photographer in the world. This is the best picture in the world. I demand that you look at her site.

German spam makes me mad.

For the past two days I have mostly spent my time manually deleting German spam. That pissed me off a little - but I just figured someone had trawled the Hotline for email addresses and it would calm down in a fairly short time.

But no. I'm still having to manually delete emails from my primary email account. Gmail doesn't seem to be handling the sudden influx well, and earlier this morning I discovered that it's all down to a new Sober worm variant. Which means this could go on for at least a week...or however long it will take for people to clean up and protect their machines. Great. Hopefully Gmail's spam filters will adjust soon.

Don't worry.

"Let's ask: Who are pirates? They are people who won't pay for things (i.e., dickheads), or they're people who can't pay for things (i.e., cash-strapped college students and others). The dickheads have ever been with us; they wouldn't pay even if they had the money. I don't worry about them, I just hope they fall down an abandoned well, break their legs and die of gangrene after several excruciatingly painful days of misery and dehydration, and then I hope the rats chew the marrow from their bones and shit back down the hollows. And that's that for them.

As for the people who can't pay for things, well, look. I grew up poor and made music tapes off the radio; my entire music collection from ages 11 to 14 consisted of tapes that had songs missing their first ten seconds and whose final ten seconds had DJ chatter on them; from 14 to 18, I taped off my friends; from 18 to 22 I reviewed music so I could get it for free. And then after that, once I had money, I bought my music. Because I could. As for books, I bought secondhand paperbacks through my teen and college years. Now I buy hardbacks. Again, because I can. Now, being a writer, you can argue that I'm more self-interested in paying for creative work than others, but I have to honestly say that I don't know anyone who can pay for a book or a CD or a DVD or whatever who doesn't, far more often than not."

~ "The Stupidity of Worrying about Piracy" by John Scalzi. (Cory Doctorow chimes in on this subject too - he makes all his work freely available online. I'm still contemplating this topic.)



One of the many reasons that I know I have at least a tiny scrap of boy inside me - this recollection of porn exploration as a kid matches my own. Exactly. Down to every. single. sentence. The hand on the remote control, the scanning of the TV guide, the obsessive listening-out for family members. Exactly. It's fantastic, and quite interesting, because that's not learnt behaviour. It's pure instinct.

"We'd check our handy Premium Entertainment program guide, using the warning labels as a gauge (BN = brief nudity, N = nudity, SC = strong sexual content). We'd scan the movie listing until we got to something that perked our interest ("N, N, BN fuck you, N....SC?! We have a winner!"), and then try to watch that movie late at night, while the rest of the family was asleep.

As you can imagine, this was quite the stealth operation. We watched the movie without any sound (trust me, we weren't missing anything) and acutely aware of everything that went down in the house. We could discern every little nighttime sound, from the crickets chipring, the family pet moving around, the wind through the trees, when someone was moving around in bed, and even the bed noises - general rustling, trips to the bathroom, or the "Hey, I think the downstairs TV is on!" roll-over.

In case of emergency, we could switch the channel to Scooby-Doo reruns, throw ourselves on the couch, and pretend to have fallen asleep while watching cartoons. In order to live this lifestyle, we had to perfect the "Oh shit, something's coming!" Sense. It was this sense I would have to rely on for the rest of the day."

from Closing Time II by Azrael, of Outpost Nine.

Link Dump 15/5/05

Books are special.

What makes books special?

"You can't press a flower, you can't hide your money, you can't lick an errant drip of chocolate, you can't write a passionate dedication in your own hand, you can't smell the ghost of your girlfriend's perfume, you can't fold or dog ear, you can't taste the fine dust, you can't lose yourself in the heat of the bath or outside in the rain in the pages of an e-book.

~ melissa may"



Last night I tried to toast some bread using the grill option on the microwave.

Safe to say, it didn't work.


NIN Tour 2005

If you're looking for pictures, stories or even the occasional fan shot movie of the current Nine Inch Nails tour, you should take a wander over to read Echoing the Sound's tour journal. There's a thread for every single date on the tour, and guests are free to post their experiences without the hassle of signing up. I doubt you'll find a more complete archive!


I spent an unholy amount of time this week archiving With Teeth reviews. I don't "do" reviews, and I hate Pitchfork Media with the force of a thousand suns, so forgive me when I ask this... but are all music reviews as shoddy as the ones for this album have been? I think I only came across three or four criticisms that laid out, analysed and displayed the album as it truly exists. The rest - and there are 50 of them archived on the Hotline - basically revolved around a tired preconception that Trent is:

a) a multimillionaire, which is a bad thing, because we all know money solves our problems, so what right has he got to have problems?
b) encorporating the same sounds as he always has done (this one is really popular).

Now, I know it's a fruitless task to try and take on these kinds of opinions, but... what? Are they listening to the same person's album as I am, or are we in different universe's? At what point did money buy you a secure relationship and install a forcefield around your life to stop shit sticking to it? And who says he's a millionaire in the first place? Being famous does not mean that you have money anyway. And as for b). That's more of a subjective thing I guess, but the last time I checked, I didn't hear Trent singing that well or using live instruments or those disco beats or avoiding walking into an album filled with blind negativity on any other album.

I don't think Trent's the one rehashing an old sound. I think what I'm hearing when I read these reviews is the sound of a hundred or so "journalists" neglecting to research their subject and offer informative interesting opinion pieces. Which is a shame, because with an album like With Teeth on their hands, people could be doing a whole lot better.

Link Dump 14/5/05

Movie Scripts.

I recently discovered the Internet Movie Script Database, which, if I hazard a guess, makes me a little slow on the uptake. I religiously use IMDB, so I have no clue as to how I missed this site.

It's so awesome! When I was in college studying Film, one of the modules involved studying screenplays, and since then, I've held a (somewhat unexplored) admiration for the way scripts are written. I own a couple of screenplay books (Clerks/Chasing Amy and The Exorcist ) and I'm a big Tennessee Williams fan. My method of writing is to imagine a scene as if it's a film, I'm not quite sure whether that came before writing or if it came afterwards, as a method of coping with the deluge of images - but it's definitely a fascination of mine to deconstruct the way films are pieced together. Tennessee Williams in particular was an absolute genius for setting a certain atmosphere. That's something I want to be able to do in the future.

One of the newest added scripts to the site is Strange Days, one of my favorite films. I've been watching this movie off and on since it started popping up on movie channels. It was released in 1995, when I was eleven years old so that could be anything from 8 to 10 years of regular viewing. I've probably watched it more than my favorite film (which isn't on IMSDb yet).

"IT IS THE MOTHER OF ALL PARTIES. IN AN AERIAL SHOT we see there must be 100,000 people jamming the closed streets of downtown L.A. Arc lights sweep the sky. There are two outdoor bandstands, with live music pounding. There are lasers, strobe-lights. People are literally dancing in the streets... if they can move at all. Huge projection video screens are set up all over the place.

LA is connected to other cities all over the world by satellite, sharing in the celebration in different time zones. The excitement has been building all evening as midnight sweeps across the country toward the West Coast. It looks like a U2 concert 10 blocks long: a multimedia

Madness in the streets. And Lenny and Mace are stuck in it. The Civic can't move in the middle of this millennial Mardi Gras. People swarm around, pounding on the Civic as they go by, or press their faces against the glass. It may be the party of the century, but it looks like the middle of a third world revolution."

~ Strange Days by James Cameron and Jay Cocks.


Link Dump 13/5/05

  • - Gnod is a search engine that helps you choose new things (music, books, and movies) based around the things you already like.


Fred 0 Wes 1

"The strange thing about Limp Bizkit is that Mr. Durst has always been at pains to portray himself as an underdog, even when his band seemed like a corporate-rock juggernaut. If he were a better lyricist (or a more likable celebrity), his self-pity might have been easier to swallow. As it was, you often had to ignore him in order to enjoy his band's surprisingly propulsive riffs.

The new Limp Bizkit mini-album marks the band's reunion with its adventurous guitarist, Wes Borland, and the songs are as loud and raucous as any Bizkit fan could hope for, full of gluey bass lines and exploding backbeats. Unfortunately, Mr. Durst's rants are as unpalatable as ever: his take on evil priests ("The Priest") falls particularly flat."

~ From Punk to Rap, the Varied Guises of the Hard-Rock Sound by Kelefa Sanneh



The Rock Show transcript that I just posted to the Hotline has taken me roughly a month or so to complete - I'd say about a day and a half in total complete time, and I have to say, I might not be doing it again for a while. It's fairly arduous, and extremely time consuming. Towards the end, I was accurately transcribing a minute and a half in 45 minutes.

One thing I learned, is that the way Trent says "fuel" sounds more like "field" - is that the Lousiana accent he picked up in NOLA? His verbal tics include "y'know" and "um". He very rarely says "album" - he says "record" instead, and pretty much only refers to them as "albums" when talking about them as products for record companies to deal with. He gives extremely good music industry related advice and well, you can never really afford to miss a good turkey-ham question.

Don't take the collective hard work in vain - this is perhaps the best (ie: honest and interesting) interview he will give while promoting the new album. Go read.


Doctor Who's Bad Wolf.

What's going on in the new Doctor Who? I've become a huge fan of the new series, which is surprising, as I never really got hooked into the original.

Scott Matthewman has noticed a consistant pattern of Bad Wolf (and maybe other faerie tale) references throughout the series. There are obvious spoilers in the first link, as well as in the follow up post he made that details last Saturday's episode. It's been announced that the title of the last episode will indeed be "Bad Wolf", so it's all leading up to a significant ending, but what, or whom, is Bad Wolf?

I so can't wait.

Link Dump 9-5-05

Krypton Factor to make a comeback?

"The Krypton Factor, which put contestants through rigorous physical and mental tests, was a fixture in the ITV schedule from 1977 to 1995. Wayne Garvie, head of the BBC's Entertainment Group, described it as "one of the great shows"...[and] is credited with successfully reinventing Come Dancing."

This is really really really weird, because it wasn't last week that I was having a conversation with a student nurse about how awesome this show was, and how it should come back to British television. Here's a link to a site explaining more about the show. I loved it when I was a kid.

[From BBC News]

When Wham! went to China.

"The workers' gymnasium was almost filled and the concert, generally speaking, seems to have been a success. In deference to their Chinese audience, Wham! kept the volume of the music rather lower than normal, but there was overall a certain lack of mutual understanding. Neither the Chinese nor Wham! knew quite how to behave faced with something completely beyond their experience.

According to Simon Napier-Bell, the band's manager, Michael tried to get the spectators to clap along to Club Tropicana, but "they hadn't a clue - they thought he wanted applause and politely gave it". He said some of the more adventurous Chinese did eventually "get the hang of clapping on the beat, even learnt to scream when George or Andrew waved their butts".

There was some lively dancing but this was almost entirely confined to younger western members of the audience. Some Chinese did make the effort, but they were discouraged in this by the police. They were unable to deal satisfactorily with the younger westerners but they did on the whole manage to keep the Chinese in their place."

~ How Wham! baffled Chinese Youth in first Pop Concert by Rob Evans.



The thing about the new Nine Inch Nails album, is that it's so even, so quiet in places, it digs right into my skull. I guess being where he was before was noisy.

You should listen to it.

Even if you have before.


I've been getting quite a few hits from people googling "laura bush facelift" recently - they hit an old blog entry from last year in which I muse that no one else seemed to notice the rather bad facelift she has (debuted, as far as I can tell, at the last Republican Convention in NY city).

By quite a few hits, I mean, a good 70%. Why are people suddenly needing information about Laura Bush and her bad facelift? Some people are even googling this in ALL CAPS - so it must be an extremly urgent need, whatever the motive.

(For more awful plastic surgery...visit awfulplasticsurgery.com)

Dresden Dolls Album Review.

When it was rumoured...then announced...that The Dresden Dolls were going to be supporting NIN, the reactions were...eh, somewhat mixed, to put it nicely. But after seeing them crack out two utterly thrilling performances at the London Astoria concert dates, I was blown away by the accuracy of Reznor's decision.

Mark sent me a getwellsoon present (with purple Eeyore card) in the form of their self titled album. I promptly whacked it on when I received it in the Great British Post this morning, despite having already heard a few of the songs already - the bigger hits are available on the band's official site. They are admittedly better sounding live - there's something about a studio that seems to repress the sheer raw scale of the vocals and drums. Amanda Palmer is an Irish banshee onstage - nothing rivals her sound theatrics. But the album is still a good one, despite the slight claustraphobia: capturing the frustration sound that the duo so skillfully pound out.

Stand out tracks include "Half Jack", "Good Day", "The Jeep Song", "Girl Ananchronism" and the one everyone seems to love, "Coin Operated Boy". If you're sick of the latest bilge being pushed by the record companies and need a little old fashioned rawness, check out this album. They are powerful, dynamic, romantic..complete musical entertainment. They'll never be a mainstream hit, but who cares? They're doing their own thing. They don't need to be.



So, it's all over, the fat lady sang, and we have a Labour government for another five years. Michael Howard is stepping down. Tony Blair claims that he's decided to listen to what we, the people want (what a backwards method of admitting he didn't listen in the first place), and to my delight, the Liberal Democrats did the best out of all three political parties, even though they still have the minority number of seats in Parliament (62).

Is this the beginning of a new era? Could be. I think it will depend entirely on what Charles Kennedy and the rest of the Lib Dems do in the coming years. They need to focus on their public profile - changing the preconception that most people over the age of 30 have about them (that they have no real policies, no real leadership qualities - basically what the Republicans hit Kerry with in the last US election campaign) will garner them a lot more public support than they already have. I firmly believe that the increase in support comes from my generation - the liberal, educated, healthy-minded age group. Luckily for Kennedy, that's the generation that's increasing, unlike the majority of Conservative voters.

Onwards and upwards men! I'm holding onto the thought that Blair might not last the 5 years, especially with that dodgy ticker of his.

Link Dump 6/5/05

  • - The Vinyl Sketchbook.
  • - Metababy is "back", although I wasn't here when it first existed. It's a site that "is an experiment in collaboration, a Web site created by its visitors. You're welcome to post anything you want on Metababy, and anybody else is free to change it." - like with the best things on the net, it's got the potential to be very very not safe for work. Save this one until you get home, but do look.
  • - Tampon Migration. It's not easy to find many vagina centric sites on the net without descending into Wiccan-Sisterhood crap. So I'm linking to that AskMeFi thread, because it's (quite literally) bloody interesting.
  • - Looking at my Father, Inside and Out by Kerry Reilly (use BugMeNot).


Trent Reznor: [Republicans] "shouldn't be fans in the first place".

Exclusive to Mormolyke, Trent Reznor recently revealed backstage at a California show that Republicans have no business being Nine Inch Nails fans.

"Friend: So what do you think of the moral dilemma you've placed your Republican fans in?

Trent: They shouldn't be fans in the first place.

Friend: Can I quote you on that?

Trent (slight laugh): Yes."

Lesson of the day: just because your money's green, it doesn't mean to say we'll take it.

Election Predictions.

As some of you may know, it's the UK General Election today. While I was in hospital, I was planning on blogging this huge piece about why American's should care about the results of this election, but then I got detained with having my gallbladder cut out, and well, I don't really care that much about educating America right now.

However, I do still care about what happens today (I've already voted for the Liberal Democrats via postal vote), so here are my predictions for the outcome of my first General Election, as it took a long time coming:

  • - the Lib Dems will increase their voter percentage beyond anyone's expectations, and replace the Conservatives as the official Opposition.
  • - Labour will win the election, but lose the largest amount of support.
  • - Michael Howard will step down as leader of the Conservative Party.
  • - Tony Blair will do the same, and be replaced by Gordon Brown.
  • - the BNP and other right wing racist/anti-immigrant centric parties will gain more seats.

Pretty average, with a splash of hopeful. I think the next five years will be the most interesting, as right now, we're only just moving into change.

As I was writing this, I clicked over to BBC News to grab a few sources of information, only to be faced with the Breaking News headline "Blast Strikes UK Consulate in US". (*Update: the building that houses the Consulate*) Why would anyone do that? Is that a dirty attempt to scare the UK voters into staying at home and not casting their votes for fear of terrorist attack? Why would they strike in the US? Is it planted to push those last-minute floating voters to vote for Tony Blair because "terrorism is real"? Whatever it is, it's a damn shame.


Where the hell have you been?

In hospital! I got pancreatitis 3 weeks ago, and after a week of suffering, managed to get myself admitted as an inpatient to the Bristol Royal Infirmary. And yesterday, they removed my gallbladder. Goodbye horrendous gut pain inducing alien, hello temporary wasted stomach muscles, and everything neatly summed up in a Livejournal entry. Because it saves time, dontchaknow.

(If you want to send me a get-well-soon donation/gift, there's an Amazon wishlist and a Paypal button at the bottom of the column to the left. I'd appreciate some love of the materialistic kind, because mylawd, I feel shite.)