Dresden Dolls Album Review.

When it was rumoured...then announced...that The Dresden Dolls were going to be supporting NIN, the reactions were...eh, somewhat mixed, to put it nicely. But after seeing them crack out two utterly thrilling performances at the London Astoria concert dates, I was blown away by the accuracy of Reznor's decision.

Mark sent me a getwellsoon present (with purple Eeyore card) in the form of their self titled album. I promptly whacked it on when I received it in the Great British Post this morning, despite having already heard a few of the songs already - the bigger hits are available on the band's official site. They are admittedly better sounding live - there's something about a studio that seems to repress the sheer raw scale of the vocals and drums. Amanda Palmer is an Irish banshee onstage - nothing rivals her sound theatrics. But the album is still a good one, despite the slight claustraphobia: capturing the frustration sound that the duo so skillfully pound out.

Stand out tracks include "Half Jack", "Good Day", "The Jeep Song", "Girl Ananchronism" and the one everyone seems to love, "Coin Operated Boy". If you're sick of the latest bilge being pushed by the record companies and need a little old fashioned rawness, check out this album. They are powerful, dynamic, romantic..complete musical entertainment. They'll never be a mainstream hit, but who cares? They're doing their own thing. They don't need to be.