Election Predictions.

As some of you may know, it's the UK General Election today. While I was in hospital, I was planning on blogging this huge piece about why American's should care about the results of this election, but then I got detained with having my gallbladder cut out, and well, I don't really care that much about educating America right now.

However, I do still care about what happens today (I've already voted for the Liberal Democrats via postal vote), so here are my predictions for the outcome of my first General Election, as it took a long time coming:

  • - the Lib Dems will increase their voter percentage beyond anyone's expectations, and replace the Conservatives as the official Opposition.
  • - Labour will win the election, but lose the largest amount of support.
  • - Michael Howard will step down as leader of the Conservative Party.
  • - Tony Blair will do the same, and be replaced by Gordon Brown.
  • - the BNP and other right wing racist/anti-immigrant centric parties will gain more seats.

Pretty average, with a splash of hopeful. I think the next five years will be the most interesting, as right now, we're only just moving into change.

As I was writing this, I clicked over to BBC News to grab a few sources of information, only to be faced with the Breaking News headline "Blast Strikes UK Consulate in US". (*Update: the building that houses the Consulate*) Why would anyone do that? Is that a dirty attempt to scare the UK voters into staying at home and not casting their votes for fear of terrorist attack? Why would they strike in the US? Is it planted to push those last-minute floating voters to vote for Tony Blair because "terrorism is real"? Whatever it is, it's a damn shame.