Fred 0 Wes 1

"The strange thing about Limp Bizkit is that Mr. Durst has always been at pains to portray himself as an underdog, even when his band seemed like a corporate-rock juggernaut. If he were a better lyricist (or a more likable celebrity), his self-pity might have been easier to swallow. As it was, you often had to ignore him in order to enjoy his band's surprisingly propulsive riffs.

The new Limp Bizkit mini-album marks the band's reunion with its adventurous guitarist, Wes Borland, and the songs are as loud and raucous as any Bizkit fan could hope for, full of gluey bass lines and exploding backbeats. Unfortunately, Mr. Durst's rants are as unpalatable as ever: his take on evil priests ("The Priest") falls particularly flat."

~ From Punk to Rap, the Varied Guises of the Hard-Rock Sound by Kelefa Sanneh