"Just before her father's death, Frida posed for the Hungarian photographer Nickolas Muray, who may well have reminded her of her father. She had an affair with him, and he bought a canvas of hers - What the Water Gave Me (1938) - which includes a bust of her father floating, amid other lifelong debris, in a bath tub.

Muray extended Guillermo's vision of Frida into colour, capturing her carnivalesque fortitude in Technicolor glory. These photographs, now among the most famous images of Frida, depict her on the brink of fame and success. She loved them, and harsh as her vision of herself may seem from her paintings, she wrote in a letter to Muray that she thought his photos turned her into an 'F.W.' - a view half a century of idolaters would come to agree with. 'F.W.' stood for 'fucking wonder'."

~ Photographing Frida Kahlo by Christopher Turner.