Google Portal.

Let's put it this way.

The new Google web portal rocks my socks.

Yes, I know it's not much different to Yahoo, but Yahoo has always been cluttered and ugly and just too much for my eyes (it's why I don't use Opera). Google has taken the basic ideal of putting a bunch of personalised crap around their search engine, and made it work. It's clean, it's customisable, it's linked into your gmail account and best of all, it's optional. It's on it's own separate page, it's there if you want it, it's away from the main site if you don't.

(I currently have a large Google news feed for the whole left column, BBC News and the NY Times for the middle and Wired News with Quote/Word of the day in the right.)

The only issue I do have, is that the Google logo takes up too much room, pushing the feeds too far under the main page content. I don't like to have to scroll down to read them. Luckily, I have the RIP extension installed on my browser, so I just deleted the main Google logo. What they should have done, I think, is push the logo over to the left hand side, and reduce the font for the feeds.

Otherwise, a great idea taken and made to work even better.