Link Dump 25/5/05

  • - Billie Piper might not be appearing much in Series 2 of the new Doctor Who. I'm trying not to get attached to the characters, I really am, but they are just so good. I don't want Christopher Ecclestone to leave, but apparently the change in Doctors has been written into the script, so no amount of complaining will do much about it.
  • - The BBC aired a documentary about a 16 year old teen mother who died of bone cancer last night. It was incredibly upsetting - they filmed her as she wasted away to skin and bone and tried to live what little life she had left. They only stopped when she was in her final days, and then it was just down to the camera filming her sister coping... or not... with the inevitable loss of her sister. I was completely choked up throughout it all. Mormolyke, my thoughts are still with you.