Link Dump 31/5/05

  • - "It is 10 a.m. Davis has been here for four hours. The sun is almost directly above his checkpoint, and sweat is running down his face. It is 92 degrees and getting hotter every minute. The heat, Davis says, makes it hard to concentrate and causes soldiers to be jumpy, raising their rifles at anyone they consider a potential bomber." - Guarding a base called 'Danger' by Anna Badhken.
  • - "... [she] describes it as the book she had to write. That urge was clearly strengthened by her own experience of being a troubled outsider: she was anorexic and a self-cutter in junior school, then dropped out of class altogether at 11 because, she says, 'I had more important ways to use the time.'" - Rebel Yell by Angela Neustatter.