Link Dump 6/5/05

  • - The Vinyl Sketchbook.
  • - Metababy is "back", although I wasn't here when it first existed. It's a site that "is an experiment in collaboration, a Web site created by its visitors. You're welcome to post anything you want on Metababy, and anybody else is free to change it." - like with the best things on the net, it's got the potential to be very very not safe for work. Save this one until you get home, but do look.
  • - Tampon Migration. It's not easy to find many vagina centric sites on the net without descending into Wiccan-Sisterhood crap. So I'm linking to that AskMeFi thread, because it's (quite literally) bloody interesting.
  • - Looking at my Father, Inside and Out by Kerry Reilly (use BugMeNot).