Movie Scripts.

I recently discovered the Internet Movie Script Database, which, if I hazard a guess, makes me a little slow on the uptake. I religiously use IMDB, so I have no clue as to how I missed this site.

It's so awesome! When I was in college studying Film, one of the modules involved studying screenplays, and since then, I've held a (somewhat unexplored) admiration for the way scripts are written. I own a couple of screenplay books (Clerks/Chasing Amy and The Exorcist ) and I'm a big Tennessee Williams fan. My method of writing is to imagine a scene as if it's a film, I'm not quite sure whether that came before writing or if it came afterwards, as a method of coping with the deluge of images - but it's definitely a fascination of mine to deconstruct the way films are pieced together. Tennessee Williams in particular was an absolute genius for setting a certain atmosphere. That's something I want to be able to do in the future.

One of the newest added scripts to the site is Strange Days, one of my favorite films. I've been watching this movie off and on since it started popping up on movie channels. It was released in 1995, when I was eleven years old so that could be anything from 8 to 10 years of regular viewing. I've probably watched it more than my favorite film (which isn't on IMSDb yet).

"IT IS THE MOTHER OF ALL PARTIES. IN AN AERIAL SHOT we see there must be 100,000 people jamming the closed streets of downtown L.A. Arc lights sweep the sky. There are two outdoor bandstands, with live music pounding. There are lasers, strobe-lights. People are literally dancing in the streets... if they can move at all. Huge projection video screens are set up all over the place.

LA is connected to other cities all over the world by satellite, sharing in the celebration in different time zones. The excitement has been building all evening as midnight sweeps across the country toward the West Coast. It looks like a U2 concert 10 blocks long: a multimedia

Madness in the streets. And Lenny and Mace are stuck in it. The Civic can't move in the middle of this millennial Mardi Gras. People swarm around, pounding on the Civic as they go by, or press their faces against the glass. It may be the party of the century, but it looks like the middle of a third world revolution."

~ Strange Days by James Cameron and Jay Cocks.