NIN cancels MTV performance.

I'm pretty fucked off that Trent Reznor has had to cancel NIN's MTV Movie Awards performance. I'm even more fucked off that it's because MTV won't let him hang a picture of George W. Bush behind the band as they play.

That's the only reason. One lousy, stinking picture.

So let's get this straight. MTV will play political videos (System of a Down, Eminem, Green Day as well as Nine Inch Nails) on heavy rotation. They'll show Marilyn Manson's asscrack next to a burning television cross in Northern Ireland. They'll let Madonna use a person's sexuality as cheap titillation. They'll show women being objectified in rap videos, Bill Clinton talking about pot, implied blowjobs, violence, drugs and sex...

...yet, they won't let Trent Reznor hang a portrait of George W. Bush behind his band?*

"Hypocritical double-standard society-fearing bullshit" is the phrase that springs to mind. Fuck MTV. You guys are talking out of your asses, and none of this makes logical sense whatso-fucking-ever. So go fuck yourselves and your television stations. With this kind of attitude towards musical artists, you'll be at the bottom of the slagheap in no time. Good luck with that.

(*Just to clarify, Trent is very very specifically anti-Republican)