I do not like the newly-unveiled Nintendo Revolution. It looks like a naked cable modem. When I buy Nintendo, I part with my cash for a reason: because it's good, solid, well designed, dependable machinery. It does what I need - it's robust enough to be dropped a little, it doesn't just randomly break on me, and it looks pretty damn good all at the same time. This looks like it would break if I sneezed on it, let alone accidentally kicked it when reaching for a drink. And there's a distinct lack of design - did they even employ someone to make it look nice? Was there a budget for it at all? It's not even minimal anti-design design. It just looks... naked! Put some clothes on already!

On a positive note, I do like the way it's built - being able to stand on it's side or lie flat on the floor makes it extremely flexible. And I'm sure it will live up to it's name. But the impression I'm getting right now is halfhearted enough to make me feel like I won't be parting with my cash on this one. And I've owned every console since the SNES.

(PS - Gameboy Micro!)