The Rock Show transcript that I just posted to the Hotline has taken me roughly a month or so to complete - I'd say about a day and a half in total complete time, and I have to say, I might not be doing it again for a while. It's fairly arduous, and extremely time consuming. Towards the end, I was accurately transcribing a minute and a half in 45 minutes.

One thing I learned, is that the way Trent says "fuel" sounds more like "field" - is that the Lousiana accent he picked up in NOLA? His verbal tics include "y'know" and "um". He very rarely says "album" - he says "record" instead, and pretty much only refers to them as "albums" when talking about them as products for record companies to deal with. He gives extremely good music industry related advice and well, you can never really afford to miss a good turkey-ham question.

Don't take the collective hard work in vain - this is perhaps the best (ie: honest and interesting) interview he will give while promoting the new album. Go read.