When Wham! went to China.

"The workers' gymnasium was almost filled and the concert, generally speaking, seems to have been a success. In deference to their Chinese audience, Wham! kept the volume of the music rather lower than normal, but there was overall a certain lack of mutual understanding. Neither the Chinese nor Wham! knew quite how to behave faced with something completely beyond their experience.

According to Simon Napier-Bell, the band's manager, Michael tried to get the spectators to clap along to Club Tropicana, but "they hadn't a clue - they thought he wanted applause and politely gave it". He said some of the more adventurous Chinese did eventually "get the hang of clapping on the beat, even learnt to scream when George or Andrew waved their butts".

There was some lively dancing but this was almost entirely confined to younger western members of the audience. Some Chinese did make the effort, but they were discouraged in this by the police. They were unable to deal satisfactorily with the younger westerners but they did on the whole manage to keep the Chinese in their place."

~ How Wham! baffled Chinese Youth in first Pop Concert by Rob Evans.