Gorillaz - Demon Days review.

I'm really enjoying "Demon Days" - the new Gorillaz album. It has a late night quality to it, reminds me of the nights I've walked at 2am through a silent yellow-lit Bedminster on my way home after seeing a band at the Fleece and Firkin. Reminds me of all those thoughts you let yourself have when you're walking alone at night because not only is no one else around, but they're all probably unconscious (besides the ones that want to rape and mug and kill you). They won't even hear you if you scream. And then suddenly, there's this huge amount of untapped power conjured up from the inner coils of your own brain.

So it's got a lone reflective quirky quality: not particularly upbeat or downbeat, but even and thoughtful and interesting. As if a secret world you forgot about is flashing by and everything, good or bad, is equal to each other, there for your casual perusal.

Favorite tracks include "Feel Good Inc" (the first single from the album, and the one that caught my ear in the first place, owing to the awesome lines contributed from De La Soul), "Kids with Guns", "El Manana", "White Light" and "Fire coming out from the Monkey's Head". The last one is a really odd song about tribes and culture and the invasion of strangers, something that would be considered out of place if it weren't from a band that is basically animated and out of place in the pop market anyway.

I didn't even expect to like this album. But I suppose, that's the whole point of the band's existence: no one expects what they deliver, and what they do deliver, is something you shouldn't expect in the first place. A very twisty human album.