I have issues with your website design.

The RIP extension for Firefox is one of my essential interweb things. Why? Well, it's basically a webpage content deletion tool. You right click, you delete what you hate, and not only does it disappear, it disappears permanently. Dangerous maybe, but it comes with an "undo" feature so you can always backtrack if necessary.

I use it to take out all my unspoken hatred against sites that clog my screen with annoying attention grabbing advertisements, shitty design, and unnecessary columns filled with crap I don't care about. Everyone needs to be in possession of this. It's a tool against internet rage.

Example: I hate BoingBoing's overadvertising bonanza (they seem to think that we actually want webpages to be choking with messages asking us to part with our money), but I actually quite like reading the content they publish. Not at all happy with adblock - the filters are tricky to configure in my opinion, I'm not inclined to learn otherwise, and the white spaces it leaves in place of the ads just suck - I deleted everything but the necessities. Turns out that there's actually a blog to be found beneath all the crap.