Link Dump 16/6/05

  • - I really really despise ticket touts. They make gig-going bloody miserable.
  • - Netrunners "are the cosmopolitans of the Net. They live there, using all their spare time surfing the Web, searching info & files, downloading warez, mp3's, pics, ircing, talking, chatting, writing mails & newsgroup postings... communicating!"
  • - Bosozoku: "Among their activities is shinai boso: it consists of driving down the streets at high (illegal) speeds. It is not properly a race; mostly, it's done just for the thrill of it. With many cars (or bikes) involved, the leading one is driven by the sento sha (the leader), who is responsible for the event. Nobody is allowed to overtake him. Others keep a lookout for side and rear cars/bikes."
  • - Doctor Who's third series confirmed. Series One ends on Saturday, and it's really hard to keep away from the spoilers. Even that BBC article has them.