Sugar Rush.

Sugar Rush is a Channel 4 drama about what it's like to be a teenage queergirl.

It's pretty accurate (and kind of pokes at me a little), to the point where I think it's a goddamned shame they've made it so explicit (why did they have to show the mother being fucked over a table by the decorator? Was that necessary?) because it would be a really useful thing to be shown in schools. Maybe there will be an edited version available? I'd like to think so. It's the first teen-based thing that I've seen that makes being gay look... normal. Shouldn't be allocated to late late Tuesday night where no one will see it, except the usual cruising candidates of men looking for girl-on-girl action to wank over.

It's based on the book of the same name written by Julie Burchill. Who, as I have just found out, is from the same city as me. Which is always an odd thing, because I never expect to not know who is from this city.