The thing I miss most about Vancouver is the sushi. Yes, I know that it exists somewhere out there in this fair island country of mine, but it's not there when I step out of the door yet. You can't buy 6 pieces for less than $5 CAN. You don't get cool-assed multi-Asian restaurants with the good luck cats and Asian girls serving girls with bright green sneakers and razorcut hair. And you certainly don't get the gorgeous fresh fish pulled in by local people from the BC waters that makes eating sushi in Vancouver something to be experienced.

Oh god, I think I'm drooling.

When I was in Vancouver, I was living just off Lonsdale Avenue, which is pretty much built out of Asian and Iranian eating places. Asian food was practically a currency: there were at least 15 places in a 5 block radius. But when it comes to the UK, there are three options:

  • - stale pre-packaged overpriced (it's the equivalent of $5-8 CAN for 6 pieces no bigger than your thumbnail) crap from the supermarket with wasabi that tastes like regurgitated vomit.
  • - assemble the ingredients from the supermarket "Oriental" aisle (we're really quite backwards in this country when it comes to Asian people outside of India) where the mayonnaise and wasabi are practically non-existent and you face the eternal struggle with sushi rice sticking to your fingers.
  • - scour the streets of your local large city in the hopes of finding a high priced Asian restaurant that will no doubt overcharge you. And won't have take out.

I wish the multicultural train would get it's arse in gear. I want my $2 sushi! It's a good thing I'm planning a trip back sometime soon.