I am so apathetic and/or bored (the two are interchangeable) I've taken to bashing my head against my keyboard over and over and over and over and over. There's blood clotting between my QWERTY keys.

I hate Sunday's!


"I started overeating... a sort of classic message you can send to your parents that you are unhappy. Bingeing and not eating are forms of self-harm. Overeating food is very similar to denying yourself food: they both make you feel terrible."

~ My Need for Greed by Tim Adams


Link Dump 30/7/05

  • - Girls in Boots by Ruth La Ferla. Another mainstream trend in America influenced by the Olsen twins (alongside big bags and boho chic).
  • - Great insight into the world of young British Muslims, the media and the pressures of the extreme right: "These young Muslims were born of two parents - one their Muslim community and the other British society. We need to blame both parents and both share our responsibilities."
  • - The Asylum - clever little flash game in which you treat mentally disturbed cuddly toys.

Spotted 28/7/05

Yes, I know the date is wrong, but I forgot to post this yesterday...

"Just give me my fucking money and piss off" - two men standing near one of those black curved metal benches on East st, one looking doped up, the other looking pissed off. Multicoloured Bed Head hair products on an otherwise droll cut-price shelf in Wilkinsons. 8 Japanese students. Slugs and snails emerging from wherever the hell they come from after the midnight rain. Three obese, pudgy Americanised arses in Asda, one of which was clad in turquoise lycra.

There's a hole in my backlight, dear Liza

"We have found that when a laptop LCD screen is dim the majority of the time it is a result of a faulty inverter. Unfortunately, the best way to determine which is the cause of the dim screen is through process of elimination by trying either a new LCD screen or a new inverter and seeing which solves the problem. We highly recommend you purchase an inverter first as inverters are less expensive than LCD screens. LCDs4Less does not carry inverters, however, we would be more than happy to refer you somewhere."

The backlighting on my laptop is not working properly - whenever the laptop goes into conserve energy mode, and switches the screen off, it refuses to wake itself back up again. I hope this isn't going to cost me too much money. For now though, I've set up a second monitor, with much thanks to Matt.


Missing Cat

One of my many cats has decided to go AWOL for the past two days. She's young and nervous, and while I theorise she's probably just hiding in the mass jungle that is the end of the garden, I can't be sure. The neighbour downstairs says that she's seen her approach the door asking to be let in but once she sees the neighbour, she runs away again. Yesterday, the weather was terrible, and she didn't materialise. Today the weather is nice, and she has yet to show her furry little face.

I'm trying not to be worried, but she's missed five meals now.


The universe is complex and annoying. She's back, and ate two whole bowls of catfood. I bet I'll be mopping up kittyvomit later tonight.


Link Dump 28/7/05

  • - More teens are using the internet. On the one hand, this has the potential for new ideas and cultures to spring up. On the other, they're probably just going to be taken advantage of by big corporations, spammers and virus creators.

Tattoo Copyright

There seems to be some kind of fuss in the tattooing world about David Beckham using his tattoos as part of an advertising campaign. His tattooist, Louis Mollay is threatening to sue him if he does so, claiming that because the artwork was uniquely created for Beckham, he deserves a cut of any profit that is made from them.

To that I say: you can fuck right off.

When you commit a tattoo to a body, yes, it is your art. But the artist does not own that art once it has been needled into the skin, because at the end of the session you pay for the work. At no point do you sign an agreement stating that despite the work being permanently etched in your skin, that specific artwork belongs to the person who created it. At no point do you sign away that part of your body to ownership of the tattoo artist. If the law says otherwise, then the law is wrong. When you purchase a painting, do you not own the painting? Or are you just renting it from the artist to hang on your wall? Who gets to decide how that painting is used, the owner or the painter? As far as I am concerned, my tattoo is part of my body, and I alone decide how to use my body, and I alone may profit from my body. It's not even like we haven't seen those tattoos before - and they've been used by newspapers and magazines multiple times in the past. For profit. Is he going to sue the national tabloids as well?

A compromise between Beckham and Molloy should have happened before Molloy went to the papers and before Beckham decided to use his tattoos for profit. At tattoo conventions, competition entrants and artists are credited side by side. They are equal - because a tattoo is a never a creation from one source, but from the person who will carry the images and the realisations from tattoo artist. Very rarely is a tattoo created without input from either side.

Beckham should request that Molloy is visibly named as the artist on the advert, so that he receives the credit he deserves. But beyond what he was paid for doing the work beforehand, the man does not deserve anything of cash value.


Site Update 26/7/05

I'm in the process of moving all my pictures over to Flickr, to make more room on the allocated server space my ISP gives me (ie: what the rest of my site, including my writing, is hosted on). Using Flickr also means less effort and more organisation on my behalf. So if things look a bit squiffy for the next half an hour, it's because I'm deleting old pages and updating links. All the pictures that are being removed can now be found here.

Link Dump 26/7/05

  • - I've never really liked the Juicy Couture label, as it always seems to be worn by tacky, big arsed girls with big hooped earrings and oversized fake designer bags. But... I kind of... like this laptop bag.
  • - Inside the mind of an Outsider by Sean O'Hagan: "The details of his young life are sketchy, but what is known for sure is that he was traumatised by his mother's death in childbirth when he was just four. Darger never saw the baby who survived, though he was obsessed by her, and said later that he abstained from sexual intercourse with females for the rest of his life for fear of an accidental liaison with his lost sister."


Google Portal new features

I just went back to my homepage, which happens to be the Google Portal. If you haven't seen it yet, it's a new feature provided by Google, in which you can customise their search engine page with RSS/XML feeds. It was launched quite sparsely - just Slashdot, Wired, BBC News and a bunch of other fun/informative essentials that they thought would be useful to have. I originally said to myself that I would only use this as a temporary front page, as there were a few improvements to be made. Here I am, two months down the line, still using it. And oh, what improvements there are.

To begin with, they seem to have noticed that the infamous Google logo was taking up too much space, and have shifted the logo off to the left hand side. Which was exactly what I asked for when it launched. Hey guys, it's awesome that you're out there listening. I appreciate it. Really.

Another thing they've done, is make the choice of feeds infinite - providing more obvious choices directly on a side panel, and then on top of that the option to insert a feed of your choice - even if you don't know the direct feed url, you can *drumroll* search for it, and it will give you all the appropriate feeds out there on the internet. So even if you don't really understand what RSS/XML feeds are all about, you can still use them.

So for my fellow NIN fans, how about you wander over and add the NIN Hotline feed to your own Google portal page? It might just be the lighter way to enjoy your NIN news. Or blogs. Or tech culture news. Or whatever the hell you want to put on there, because it's goddamned cool, that's what it is.

Replay Records

One of the greatest record shop chains in Bristol is Replay Records. Before I went to college I had absolutely no idea it existed - it used to be tucked beside/beneath the subway system near the bus station, one of those "blink and you'll miss it" places. Then my worldy college buddies showed it to me, and oh lord, it was wonderful.

Imagine your teenage bedroom: walls plastered with posters of punk bands, t-shirts hanging on bent nails, big old black matt stereo system blasting music. Imagine there was no one to complain about the noise, because all the houses above and around you were empty. Now imagine cramming an entire record store - used vinyls, new vinyls, CDs, zines, cheap singles, 9 inches, 12 inches, David Bowie gatefold rarities, hardcore bands, undiscovered bands, unsigned bands, bands from Japan, bands from Africa, bands from just down the street (some of them work in the shop). IMAGINE THAT. That was what Replay Records used to be. It was fucking perfection.

Now... well... that place is shut down. When I returned from Canada last year, the shutters were closed, and no music was playing. It was a pretty sad sight, because that was where I managed to build up half of my CD collection, and get rid of the shit I'd accumulated through the years. And accumulate a little more to boot. But it wasn't so bad, because a new one had opened nearby, closer to my house, with just as many used CDs and stacks of vinyl - albeit a pussified, quieter form of what once was.

It's not so bad, but there seems to be rumblings of an eventual closure. I went in today, looking for the new Nine Inch Nails single, only to be told they aren't stocking singles any more. Not stocking singles? What the hell? This was the place I could rely on to get me every single obscure weird release in existence, and then get it on vinyl! But moving to my area was a bad idea, and they aren't the only businesses to have made that mistake.

There seems to have been this false idea amidst a lot of shop owners that the Bedminster-Southville area is one of those up and coming areas. It's not. It's shit, we're not all well off, despite the housing prices, the redevelopment near Redcliffe Hill and the fancy new theatre/restaurant down the road. It's a shopping centre for the inhabitants of South Bristol, who are even less affluent than us lot, and most certainly not alternative music fans.

It would take a massive rehaul, ten years, and two new shopping area in Hartcliffe (they'd need the first one to burn down as a sacrifice to their Chav Overlords) to change that. I have no idea why Replay decided to move to East Street, and I wish they hadn't, because it looks as if we could be losing a really decent record store because of it - maybe the last in the whole city. At the very least, I hope they move back to city centre.

Spotted 25/7/05

An out of order stamp machine outside the post office; a black guy walking through the city center wearing a faded black zip up hoodie with "It's dat Bristol boy" printed in white on the back; an elderly lady with a huge bike and pink-red hair; an eerie amount of police in reflective gear with ambulances parked up nearby; lots of guys with thin bright red mohawks and army boots.


Link Dump 25/7/05


Fire at Will (what did Will do?)

So, the guy who was shot at Stockwell station was in no way linked to the terrorist activities of the past few weeks. While that was bloody predictable, it does raise a few questions - why was he wearing a coat in the middle of July? It's not that much of a climate change between here and Brazil. Also, why did he run from the armed police? Yes, they were in plain clothes, but who the hell runs from a bunch of gun toting men on the Tube two weeks after a terrorist attack? At the very least, it reeks of some stupid behaviour from someone who had lived in London for three years. It's not like he couldn't understand the words "stop or we'll shoot".

And on the flipside - is racial profiling reaching all time highs? I read in The Times today that some collective group of people are protesting that the police are "wasting their time" searching white people for potential terrorist equipment. Who the hell are these people? Have they never heard of Timothy McVeigh? With the well documented institutional racism in the British police force, is this just going to be another excuse to give them foreigners a good seeing to? From the news reports, it sounds as if the Muslim community are shitting themselves - and while I don't think they should be, some of the past reactions from people in power sure as hell gives them just cause.

Not all Asians are Muslims. Not all Muslims are terrorists. Not all terrorists are Asian or Muslim. We were supposed to learn this lesson by the time we were 5 years old, but as a collective society, I guess it slipped past the radar. Just calm the fuck down! Especially you assholes with the guns. Common sense (and cups of tea) will get us through.


Link Dump 21/7/05

  • - The Candy Man by Margert Talbot. A great essay about the legend that is Roald Dahl.
  • - Is this woman the most ignorant parent to ever exist? Good LORD.

Brixton CCTV


CSI season finale

We finally got to see the CSI season 5 finale over here last night - it had been postphoned due to a scene in which a guy tries to kill himself and Grissom via suicide bomb. Overall, it was an excellent duo of episodes, but I didn't really enjoy the Quentin Tarantino influence like I thought I would. The popculture references were illfitting, some of the camera shots were hideously uneven, and the gore scene (where Nick is being consciously dissected on a gurney), seemed too obvious a homage to Lars Von Trier's Kingdom Hospital - but lacking the necessary wit and humour to do it justice, let alone integrate with the feel of the show . Luckily, the actors still churned up the goods (especially George Eads who spent the majority of the two episodes in a 6' x 2' box), so the flaws were easy to overlook. But if you don't mind, I would rather we kept to the usual crew for the next season. CSI is too perfect a concoction to ruin with a maladjusted director (whose work I usually enjoy, may I add).


Link Dump 19/7/05

  • - CSI transcript archive. The Tarantino directed season finale is finally being shown in the UK tonight, after being cancelled last week due to the London terrorist attacks.

NIN 2005 tour bootleg torrents

Quite a few bootlegs of the current NIN tour have been popping up on eBay for extraordinary prices - which is a completely unnecessary expense if you know where to look, and know how to use the Bittorrent method of downloading.

Although there are many different applications you can use to torrent bootlegs, I personally prefer Azureus. It's straightforward and easy to use, has a wide variety of supported languages and best of all, it's opensource.

As for the torrents themselves, you can find all available bootlegs for this tour at the Nine Inch Nails Webpit. That doesn't just apply for the With Teeth tour, but for every other tour since NIN's conception. However, there are currently 29 shows from the last few months out there, so if you managed to make it to some of the smaller concerts, there's a good chance that they are available. And not all of the bootlegs are taped shows - some of them are filmed shows, interviews and I believe the Reznor-presented Radio One Rock Show is up there as well (which is perhaps one of the most insightful pieces of media related to his music that I have ever come across).

No one should ever have to pay for bootlegs of shows, y'hear me? Don't be taken in by the bullshit on eBay - it will be a very rare case where something is only available on eBay. And even then, people will rally round to purchase it in order to make it freely available to the fanbase.

Please bear in mind however, that bootlegging live performances and other forms of copywritten material is illegal. There are heavy fines out there for distributing, manufacturing and trafficking them. I personally believe that there is nothing wrong with distributing the shows and other bits and pieces, as long as you don't sell them (the people who do so on eBay are the scum of the earth). However the law says different. It's down to you to decide whether or not to download these shows.


Guerrilla Christ

"...[this] commemorates Camillo Torres, a Columbian priest killed in combat in 1966. But it has a larger significance -- by presenting the guerrilla as a Christ figure, it idealizes the guerrilla and places his struggle as part of doing God's work."

[From University of the Poor]


I seem to have picked up something annoying from my fellow NIN fans during last week (either that, or someone gobbed on my pizza on Friday). My nose is dripping like a tap, I have a grotesque monster of a headache squeezing my forehead, and I fell asleep while reading a book a few hours ago. Nursing a big mug of hot orange squash and swallowing vitamin pills is all I can do, as it's not quite sick enough to warrant a trip to the doctor's surgery (mostly because it opens at 8am and I'm still not ready to get aquainted with that time of the morning right now). This is about the time that I turn back to Christianity and start praying for deliverance from this evil. Because it's really fucking unbearable.


New & Short

"Down on a warfield, lumpy blown apart grass stained ochre by midnight and rolling oily armadillo tanks. I've got a long coat and people around me and I'm banging a rifle that someone's telling me is a Glock, but it's not. It's an old WWII rifle that's been dug out of time. Hitler's on his knees, I caught him out - and if I don't kill him, he'll kill me. But the gun won't work, it's not a fucking Glock!"

~ Cannibal

Being 21

Today is my 21st birthday. Being that I spent most of this week in London seeing Nine Inch Nails, this Sunday has become more of a relaxation-fest than anything special or significant. God knows, my muscles and bones need it - my right knee is turning delighful shades of red-purple and brown-yellow.

I know I'm supposed to be reflecting on my-life-so-far throughout this day, but to be honest, I'm happy to leave my thoughts at "I've lost some things but I've gained others". And continue to eat my expensive box of chocolates of course. Birthdays are fun, but as each year goes by, I'd rather have it quieter and quieter until one day, I just fade away.

Link Dump 17/7/05



"She is a highly skilled metalsmith... The muscle, the sheer bravado that it takes to wield blow torches and steel plates, the heft she has acquired in doing all this, has become a mental state for her. She isn't afraid to look at any concept... Not in a traditional way but by totally turning it around, looking at it from underneath, from sideways, from any way other people haven't thought to examine the subject."

~ An Artist Determined by Julie Salamon.


Can't Blog...

...half-dead still. It's funny how a few hundred people pushing your ribcage, knees and elbows into a metal barrier can really really hurt. Plenty more to come later - when I've recovered.


Gone to London

Back on Friday.


Saul in London

I'm off to London tomorrow afternoon for my second round of Nine Inch Nails gigs. This time they're playing Brixton Academy which holds roughly twice as many people as the Astoria, so although we'll be queuing all day, I'm not really bothered about hitting the barrier. One of the things I am excited about, is seeing Saul Williams, who is one of my greatest writing influences to date (next to William Gibson et al) supporting one of my favorite bands.

Some time ago when I was at school, and staying up until 1am was cool rather than an annoyance, I used to watch film after film late at night. It was a completely obsessive trait. Because of the hour, they were usually underground/alternative/independent cinema - films like The Idiots, Total Eclipse, Freeway. The kinds of films that I would never see in television ads, or splashed over billboards, or even hear about in conversation with my friends. Slam was one of those movies, and I found it while I was starting to experiment seriously with writing - most of it contrived, adolescent crap, but writing nonetheless.

While I knew that the forms Ray Joshua was using were somehow related to hip hop (because of the way he would take them from the page and turn them into vocal beats), I also knew by instinct that it was poetry: watching the guy glue words together, finding rhythm, finding new structures, all on sheets of paper. He pushed me away from what I thought I knew was poetry, and towards what poetry really is - aesthetics, wit, fire and storytelling. I didn't ever catch his name, but I sure as hell remembered the way he wrote.

Fast forward to 2005, seven years after the film was made, and I'm checking out Saul Williams' site, as he was recently announced as support for the UK NIN concerts. I've heard his album, and it's amazing. As I'm reading his Bio page, I see that it mentions his appearance in Slam, and it all clicks into place. My jaw drops, and I immediately feel stupid. And then overwhelmingly happy.

I don't know why I thought that the man who appeared in the film was just an actor, not a writer. I don't know why I didn't google the movie, or check Amazon, or do something that would have led me back to him. I have no idea why I haven't even heard of him between now and then. But I guess that's the way some things pan out. What I do know, is that I am tremendously excited about getting the opportunity to see him live in person on Wednesday and Thursday.


Link Dump 10/7/05

  • - Tim Burton discusses the new Willy Wonka movie. " I just think he comes across as emotionally repressed and stunted. When people get traumatized, they just sort of shut down. Related to that, I've met people that are kind of geniuses in one area, but are completely deficient in every other area of their life."
  • - The driver of the the number 30 bus that was blown up on Thursday survived. "I tried to help the poor people, there were many injured people and at first I thought, 'how am I alive when everyone is dying around me'."
  • - Some amazing pictures of the bus, seconds after the bomb went off. The first picture catches the body language of passerbys in the most chilling way. How on earth did the photographer manage to take those pictures so quickly? It's almost suspicious.


Antitrust (2001)

Antitrust is the first film that I've seen that deals with tech culture that doesn't dumb down, overcomplicate and leave great huge whopping holes in the plot. It's about a programmer who gets headhunted for a top position in order to help a powerful software company finish a revolutionary product during crunch time. What he doesn't know however, is that they are monitoring unestablished talented programmers, murdering them, and stealing their code to integrate into their all-important product. It's taking the opensource vs Microsoft conflict, and pushing it one step forward into a high tech thriller where hackers are so distanced from real life that they will abandon their morals for money and murder for code.

It's a little dated - the opening sequence shows HTML mixing in with credits - but it has all the right dialogue and references. From a culture point of view, when it comes to the issue of freedom of information, the majority of people have only really been embracing the ideals fairly recently - with sites like Banned Music, Creative Commons and Sourceforge popping up more and more in casual discussion. Remix culture is hitting highs right now, and nearly everyone that uses the internet downloads music (legally, of course).

It's also pretty cool to see actors like Ryan Phillipe (who is dressed down, and distinctly non-glamourous, much like all of the characters in the movie - even the pseudo-Bill Gates character looks shit in a suit) and Rachael Leigh Cook to appear in something that accurately reflects the bare bones of geek culture. It's complex and intelligent where it needs to be, with an added touch of nightmare paranoia. The knowledge that the characters demonstrate is finite and believable.

Overall, I really enjoyed this film.


Spotted 8/7/05

Almost empty public transport at 4:30 on a Friday afternoon. A fine female ass walking down North Street. The white globe of a balloon rising above the cityscape, something you can pay Ten Great British Pounds to take a ride in. A supermarket stinking of sweat. Yellow egg spaghetti in the refridgerated aisle, and a little girl pushing around a half-trolley; purse propped up in the front with her name and address written on the side in black marker pen.


Link Dump 8/7/05


What do you say when your country is attacked by terrorists? When the death count is rising? When you've spent all day watching the carnage unroll in front of you? When you're supposed to be visiting that city, using that transport system next week?

What the hell am I supposed to say? Will it even mean anything?

I am angry, I am scared and I am upset. I have family in London, and I never thought I would have to ring round to check that they are OK, for fear that they have been blown to pieces in a tunnel or on the bus. I never thought I would be telephoning people in Scotland who are queuing for the next Nine Inch Nails show, to tell them that there has been a terrorist attack. I didn't think I'd hear accounts of people having their arms blown off, possibly by a suicide bomber. I didn't think that the UK would ever become a feasible target for such violent hatred. I thought we would be OK.

Turns out, we're not.


At least someone out there cares...

Some years ago, a mentor of mine put forth the argument: “Would you try to build a cabinet when you did not posses even the rudimentary woodworking skills or knowledge of the tools necessary to build the cabinet? Of course not, then why do so many people think they can write poetry without an iota of preparation?”

~ Poetry and the Politics of Self-Expression by Barney F. McClelland

London to host Olympics.

I don't really care about London winning the Olympic bid. I sure as hell didn't see it coming though.

I think that there could be a small chance of the event reviving an interest in sport for British kids. I'm not sure how, but hey, it could happen! It will also be interesting to see how the London transportation system improves in the next 7 years. It can't handle the current flow of everyday commuting Londoners, let alone a whole world descending on a capital for a few weeks out of the year. I am hoping that this success for the government means a complete rehaul of the way the city works - whenever I visit, I spend most of my time on the Tube muttering "I fucking hate London. I fucking hate the Tube" because it really is a decrepit, crowded system.

And of course, it will be good for tourism and the economy and whatnot; but overall, not much could make me care passionately about the win. Competitive sports just ain't my thing, especially when I'm a cynical, sarcastic Brit.


Artistic Violence

"... [it] teems with disturbing little girls: Japanese Lolitas, big eyed, short skirted and intensely problematic. There's one little girl astride a smaller-scale tube train. There's another, clutching a teddy bear and looking over her shoulder with doe eyes as she pulls her knickers down to expose her naked bottom."

~ Nuclear Fall-Out by Stuart Jeffries.


Call me cynical, but

Live8 was a joke.

Everyone is so busy patting themselves on the back and talking about the music acts and the celebrities that hauled their asses out of their drug decorated beds, that they completely forgot the point of the event in the first place (if they even were aware of it in the first place). I haven't come across one person that's been involved, or wants to be involved in a discussion about what's happening in Africa. Who cares right? Pink Floyd reunited! And the tickets were free! And oh wow, there's Pete Doherty performing with Elton John! And Madonna! Madonna's botoxed forehead! Madonna's new single! And Coldplay, and awww look at Apple Martin, she's so cute. And does anyone have the Placebo torrent? And O M G Paris Hilton turned up with her rich millionaire boyfriend!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that all that bullshit render this "historic" event completely pointless? If no one was listening to or talking about the African people, why did Live8 happen? To me, it looked like one big white self-promotional circle jerk.


Link Dump 4/7/05

  • - Anti Japanese Propaganda posters. And people wonder why Western societies have problems with racism. World War II seems to have been such a massive nodal point - it altered the world in so many ways, it's hard to know where to begin.

To Do Lists

It occured to me last night that I have a lot of To-Do lists right now.

I keep a rough To-Do list in my Hotline submissions folder of emails I need to check up on and use for news posts. This can range from ticket information, to articles that need archiving, to rumours that need checking out to... whatever else people send in that doesn't get speedily posted because it's awesome.

I have a folder of links that I bookmark in order to consume later. That folder is divided into permanent To-Do links (like delicious, which I like to keep neatly organised, or 43 Things, which is ace for keeping a comprehensive list of books/movies/music that I'm listening to), semi-permanent links (sites that need a lot of exploration) and temporary links (that I pass on to others, re-bookmark on delicious, post on this blog or delete).

On a minor scale, I have a list on Quicknote that I'm using to keep tally of my budget for the NIN shows next week, which is costing me far too much money.

I also have a vast To-Do list in my paper notebook to the right of my laptop which stretches from short stories I need to edit to letters I have to send to things I want to learn.

Does this make me anal, or just well organised?

To the stupid fucking hippies

who are making their fucking hippy noise at a stupid fucking hippie level on Sturdon Road in Ashton, Bristol.

Please shut up. No one wants to hear your stupid fucking hippy music on a Sunday evening. Neither do they want to hear me listening to Atari Teenage Riot in a desperate attempt to cover up your stupid fucking hippy music. No, I don't want to listen to bad hippy covers of indie rock, no I don't want to hear your drumming, and when I shout "shut the fuck up you stupid fucking hippies" out of my landing window, I expect that request to be listened to.

Maybe you can't hear me over your stupid fucking hippie music.

I hope you enjoy the second letter from Enviromental Health, and possibly a great big fine for playing shitty music at extraordinary levels for the second weekend running. Hopefully they will confiscate your stupid fucking hippie drums.



PS - your music sucks, you stupid fucking hippies.



"She likens cosmetic surgery such as labiaplasty and breast implants to female genital mutilation. She concedes the distinction that genital mutilation is carried out on children who have no choice in the matter, "but the liberal view of choice, which is that women can now 'choose' to engage in harmful, oppressive actions, does not make the practice of slicing up women's genitals to please men any less vile". As Jeffreys points out, hymen repair surgery, which is available through the public health service in the Netherlands, is sought not only by women whose cultures require them to be virgins when they marry, but also by western women whose partners wish to penetrate a tighter vagina."

~ The ugly side of beauty by Julie Bindel.



"I know a guy in Memphis called Jeff who knows a guy that worked in the hospital that they took Elvis' body to. He says: 'I know Elvis is dead cos ah shoved the cotton wool up his ass'

uncle_whuppity, 14:55"

I love Popbitch. Perfect for the wasting the morning away.