Information Aesthetics

The Informations Aesthetics Weblog is one of my new favorite blogs.

"this weblog is based on the assertion that information visualization can be enriched with the principles of creative design and art, to develop valuable data representations that address the emotional experience of users, instead of solely focusing on typical task effectiveness metrics. as information access enters the everyday life of users and becomes increasingly ubiquitous and pervasive, novel approaches are required that take into account considerations of user engagement and visual aesthetics. instead of evaluating such information applications by measuring task performance and comprehension effectiveness, one should consider to determine user interest, attention, focus, enjoyment and curiousity."

William Gibson's worlds are based around those where technology is used to exchange information in a functional, inventive, aesthetic manner. Not for test purposes, not to be cool (although it nearly always ends up being cool), but because something has to be done and a tool is needed to do it. I have come across a few sites that claim to be reflecting his ideas, but until I came across I.A. I hadn't actually found one that lived up to even one of the grandiose claims.

(PS - if you only look at one thing on that site, let it be this)