Fight the Power

Everyone on the internet watches as Penny Arcade kick Jack Thompson's ass with the speed and grace of something really awesomely graceful and fast. And then continue as they rightfully drive a stake after stake into the uninformed, maladjusted, destructive old cretin's reputation, all while continuing to churn out charity donations, games commentary and their weekly webcomics. It's so good, I feel the need to quote it:

"Jack was on CNN tonight to talk about Midway’s new football game... this is why Jack is scary. Because he has no fucking clue what he’s talking about yet they put him on CNN to talk as though he was an expert. This is a quote from him:

'The NFL wouldn't allow it's name to be used, so that tells you something.'

He doesn’t understand that EA purchased the rights to NFL games and that Midway’s new game is a direct response to that. Like I said before the time for ignoring this coot is over. He can’t be allowed to pull this kind of shit anymore."
As they have continually proved, pro-action is fucking cool and if you really mean it, you'll get somewhere. Let that be a lesson to us all.