Milksugar is an online shop based in Germany that sells a variety of bags (and some purses) in styles ranging from cute to demented to somewhere between the two. Kind of expensive but unique enough to warrant the price, I came across them on eBay and, needing a waterproof courier bag to carry things to and from work, I couldn't stop myself reaching for my newly stuffed Paypal account. Having only purchased from them on Monday, I'm still waiting for the bag to arrive, but the person dealing with the sales is super professional - when I accidentally made two orders (instead of one collective order comprising of two items), they immediately refunded my money, instead of profiting from my idiocy.


Link Dump 27/11/05

  • - You can now download Civilisation 2 for free on Abandonia.com. Having decided to squeeze every piece of space on my hard drive to it's maximum capability, I recently installed the free copy of GTA 2 on my Windows partition. Looks like I'm going to have to do some more reshuffling. Or buy a new computer. Either way.


If you are a disheveled old man, sitting on the sidewalk,
slumped against a building, wearing a banana peel on your head
and you holding back your head as whiskey pours down from inside your cell phone...


Over the last week or so, I've been getting the same three pieces of spam hitting my inbox. They are sent maybe three, four times a day, and are (in the same order), advertising a dating site ("Thousands of New Single Ladies"), mobile phone ringtones and the new RAZR phone.

Now, despite the pretty amusing "what does your cellphone say about you?" part (see above quote), what I don't understand is why this message is tacked onto the bottom of each email:

This newsletter is a commercial message sent in accordance with US legal guidlines. If you would like to not receive newsletters from
Lead-Gen Rev Partners
506 W. 19th Street #241
Houston,TX 77008
Phone Number 1(866) 596-5253

As if that makes one iota of a difference. Whether or not a) it's illegal in the US, or b) I can contact them to take me off their list; it's still unsolicited email being used for commercial means. What makes it worse is that it's managing to evade Gmail's spam filters. Annoying.


Firefox Profiles Suck

My Firefox profile has decided to bork yet again this time taking me back to my original default profile. While it's not as horrendous as last time, it's still pretty damn annoying. I had a whole bunch of links ready to be posted, and now they are gone. Yes, I could just mess around in the Profile Manager but funnily enough, I can't access it in Linux right now (alas, I am not 1337 enough).

Here's a request: Firefox developers, can you either create an extension or add a section to Options/Preferences that allows direct, simple access to the Profile Manager? Because this whole rigoramole is really starting to get on my tits. I shouldn't have to crawl through commandline every time I want to restore or switch my profiles.


Spotted (San Diego)

One man on the Atlanta-San Diego flight wearing a grey t-shirt, holding a copy of Ann Coulter's Please Spank Me Daddy (or whatever the fuck it's called) and an issue of Muscle Magazine in one hand.

Some girl on the internal train between Atlanta concourses saying "haYUm".

Bears! Flamingoes! Mongoose! Polar bears! Baby Panda on the Panda Cam! Meerkats! Lemurs! Giraffes! Tapirs! All at San Diego Zoo.

New monotone identi-kit suburbs being built in the area around Atlanta airport.

A group of kids listening to Sean Paul underneath streetlight outside of Mira Mesa high school causing 0% trouble.

Sumo wrestling on the TV at Mitsuwa Marketplace while eating sushi.


Well, they said it would happen.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Having just flown in from America, I feel like I should partake in this festivity by listing a few things I am thankful for:

  • - Delta Airways bumping me to business class after flight delays caused me to miss my flight back to the UK. 18+ hours in Atlanta airport is something that I never, ever want to have to deal with again.
  • - all my friends, especially those that have helped me in difficult times and/or believed that I am a capable person.
  • - my health. This year, I suffered pain of a velocity I could never have imagined before. Halfway through the year, the NHS came through for me, and took away the pain. They might be a pile of administrative shit, but at the end of the day the doctors and nurses stuck their necks out for me, and for that, I am grateful.
  • - the internet.


Public Announcement

I'm back from San Diego, and boy! are my arms tired. It took altogether too long to return to the UK, and I've got a helluvalotta backlog to get through. Weblog maintenance shall resume ASAP.



"just got back from the Grove... we happened to be in Barnes & Noble when Nicole Richie showed up to sign "her" book. Jesus freakin christ: that girl is the skinniest thing I. Have. Ever. Seen. Seriously, she's gone way past a size 0 into negative digits. Her body is so tiny and her head/hair so big that I cannot comprehend how she walks upright.

Also, the place was packed with paparazzi and teenage girls, and the second she appeared it was like being in the monkey house at the zoo -- the high-pitched shrieking of the girls = chimps in heat, while the low bellowing of the paparazzi = gorillas battling for dominance. Weirdest celebrity experience I've ever witnessed in LA by far."

- posted by Metafilter member Scody in the discussion thread about Nicole Richie's debut novel.



My secret to getting through five hour shifts in front of a computer/calling faceless customer after faceless customer, is to drink supermarket brand Red Bull, which isn't actually called Red Bull, but Blue Bolt (Asda market it as "Blue Charge", but they're obviously made by the same people). It's cheaper, more energising and has a slightly better taste than the brand name version.

The other day I was reading some Metafilter thread, and a link to the Wikipedia page for Taurine came up, in which I discovered that Taurine is not like caffeine, and is actually good for you - helps with digestion and the metabolism (and is actually essential when it comes to a cat's diet). I'd actually wondered if I was putting something damaging into my body. So there you go, I learned something new.


Mmm... tags

If you scroll down to the foot of my blog (less of a trip now that I'm only allowing 6 posts per page) you'll see that I've implemented the brand spanking new delicious tag roll in order to make use of the empty space. Emptiness is just space waiting to be filled, and it's oddly comforting to complete that task; and yes, I know exactly how anal that sounds.

(PS - still waiting for Blogger to give me tags. Come on Blogger, you know it makes sense.)


On Death

Why are people constantly proclaiming the death of creative formats? The novel, the sitcom, the LBD, and the almighty rock and roll being the most favored targets. Between all the rotting carcasses is there room to get anything done? What we need is a giant burning pyre to burn all the journalists and "social commentators" that stake these tombstones, because that's about as much use as I have for them.


Link Dump 10/11/05

  • - The Sense Chair is a chair that uses light/vibrations/sound to alert people when they're sitting in an uncomfortable position. I wonder whether they could develop this into chairs for ill/elderly people that could read their biological output and alert nurses/caregivers as to when something dangerous is about to happen?
  • - Ebaums World Sucks by the Something Awful goons. (PS - did you know that within the SA goonery there contains a sizeable amount of NIN fans? They've even had a hair thread!)

Spotted (recently)

A motorbike at the Parson St. crossroads with the word "G-Unit" paintsprayed on the petrol tank... the Enterprise pub being boarded up with silver metal slabs after the drugs bust a few weeks ago... giant puddles and endless rain and piles of shed autumnal leaves soaking into the pavements...


1 week to go

With just around one week until I make my shotgun visit to San Diego, I'm... howdoyousay... listless? I've organised the tickets, the travel insurance and the time off - so it feels as if I have a dramatic lack of things to busy myself with now. Over at #ets, we've set up a Quake server and are helping time to pass by shooting each other in the faces. But you can only do that so many times before work rolls around again with it's endless hours of phonecalls that aren't even decent enough to provide me with entertaining conversations that I can repeat here. I can see myself repacking my bag at least three times before next Wednesday arrives.


Link Dump 06/11/05

  • - Jack Thompson vs Gamers. A week after everyone stops caring, Wired rounds up what went on between Penny Arcade and the nutjob.
  • - Powergen's call centre is crap. The sad fact about working in a call centre is that it takes many weeks before you learn exactly how to do your job, and by then you've already gone through hundreds, if not thousands of calls and about half as many mistakes. The scale of this disaster suggests that there is something fundamentally wrong with their low-level management.
  • - Drop it like a FOB: an Indian parody of Snoop Dogg/Pharrell Williams' "Drop it Like it's Hot", which actually makes me say "teehee" on the internet. Teehee.
  • - The Livejournal Top 40. My all time favorite LJ community is standing at #7, and I've been a member for well over a year now. Could be two.


Confessions of a Leaked Album

Madonna's new album leaked today, and the record company lawyers are busy shutting down all the sites that host it. As well they should, because as we all know, downloading pretty much kills any artist that releases an album.


I mean, any artist that releases a dreary, rehashed, lyrically dull, monotonous piece of crap like Confessions of a Dancefloor. This album will do well with her niche crowd and gay club kids (presuming they are different people) - add the million $$$ promotional scams and yeh sure, it will hit the charts, but who fucking cares? It's about as listenable and groundbreaking as Michael Jackson's last impotent release.


Link Dump 01/11/05

  • - Google are sending programmers over to help out OpenOffice. FYI - 80MB downloads are nothing these days, but if they could get it down to 30MB's and quicker loading time (basically: less lag, less clutter), it would make my life a lot easier.
  • - Infosthetics: Public Storyboard. It reminds me of the Lucky Dragon store multi-monitors (in Gibson's Bridge Trilogy) that broadcast live pictures from other stores across the country. Most of the pictures just ended up being mildly indecent.
  • - The Pony Project is a New York exhibition dedicated to the pervasive childhood icon of My Little Pony. The premise is simple: women in various areas of creative art (fashion, photography, comic books) are given their own 18 inch MLP and are asked to customise it. Sponsored by Hasbro (the company that owns the MLP brand), half the profits go to charity and the rest pay the artists.