On Yahoo!

Not six months ago I was having a discussion with someone that basically amounted to me discarding Yahoo! as a company that I had no interest in because I didn't find any worth in what they had to offer. Now that they've bought up del.icio.us and their possession of Flickr is pretty non-intrusive (as well as a host of my current favorite webloggers being Yahoo! employees), I guess I should revise that statement. They seem like they know what's going on when it comes to internet culture, and you can't really dislike a company that is in touch with/wants to improve the sites that make the people of the internet happy.

The only thing that makes me uncomfortable is the merging of the Yahoo! account with the sites they collect - but that's mostly down to the fact that I have a slightly shitty Yahoo! ID and it's too late to revise it. Not their fault.

So while 2005 undoubtedly belonged to Google, I'm guessing 2006 will be the year of Yahoo! breaking forth as the hip revitalised internet brand.