2006 Honours List

Favorite Song: White and Nerdy by Weird Al Yankovic. Geek anthem for the current internet generation, the video was leaked/removed/leaked until Weird Al showed support for it's presence, and it strikes way too many chords with me because I know I'm too uncool to be listening to hip hop.

Favorite Album: Gnarls Barkley's St Elsewhere (Youtube has videos). When you realise an album is nothing like you've ever heard before, you get the same kind of feeling people must have had when the Beatles turned up. Kind of magic, kind of special, and I loved the cartoon element of their performances. Too many people were distracted by the hype (mostly thanks to radio stations overplaying Crazy) to listen to the new album properly, which is sad, but I bet they'll get around to it at some point in their lives.

Favorite Game: Nintendo's Animal Crossing - Wild World. Simple concepts of moving into a new town, maintaining it and collecting new furniture for your house = for the win. There are masses of websites for the online community, as the free Nintendo Wifi connection that comes with the DS handheld console makes it possible to not only visit your friend's towns, but make completely new friends at the same time. Pre-WoW, this was my gaming addiction.

Favorite UK TV series: Doctor Who. Goodbye Rose. Even searching for a clip makes me emotional, and there were other great moments throughout Series Three. Cybermen versus Daleks, for instance, and more information about Torchwood.

Favorite US TV series: Heroes. I've long been disinterested in the majority of classic superhero stories, hating the inhuman perfection of characters like Superman. So I watched the, fully expecting to dislike it and not expecting to think it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Of course it didn't help that Lost has gone down the pan, and isn't likely to recover in the second half of it's third season. Premise: real people evolve superhuman abilities and are trying to hide them, while other people try to find them, and a nuclear bomb is set to destroy the world. The comic book influence is prevalent, there are plenty of nice gruesome parts, and some of the characters are quite likeable (while some are a little irritating). Not sure when it will hit UK shores though.

Favorite Film: Mysterious Skin. Yes, I know this came out two years ago, but I only caught wind of it halfway through the year. Marks the return of Greg Araki to my life after a few years of absence. Themes: gay sex (of course), shocking violence/rape/paedophilia, young Hollywood/TV star cast playing outcast small town kids, rock music, and alien abduction. Film doesn't get much better than that for me.

Favorite Book: Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles. An indirect recommendation from someone at Ask Mefi seeking out one of the short stories (linked behind the title), I admit I bought the book because the cover was beautiful and I knew Bradbury is someone I will always intend to read more of. It tracks the future movements of man migrating from Earth to the inhabited Mars, eradicating the culture to replace it with our own. And I think it ends up being more reflective of the Western world's modern history, rather than what our future will be like (but then, you could say that about most sci fi, no?), which is profoundly sad and maddening. I wish that things weren't as they are.

Honorary Mention: Torchwood. Originally the code name for the first new Doctor Who series, the spin off tracks Captain Jack Harkness (the American from the Blitz episodes, remember?) hanging out in a secret base in the middle of Cardiff with a pterodactyl (that has been ignored far too much in this first season) and a couple of nerdy horny lonely scientists. For all that the Doctor fixes, Jack unwittingly fucks up in a mournful attempt to find out the truths of the universe he kinda knows he'll never understand. There's are many links to the original Who series (to delight geeks like I), and a hell of a lot of bisexual/gay/straight sex going on. I loves it.


Up Skirt

Up Skirt, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Most viewed Flickr picture of the year - now nonexistant in real life. I remember taking it on an extremely windy day, being bashed from side to side, taking numerous blurry pictures until I got this one. I just wish I had taken more.

Link Dump 25/12/06

  • YouTube: With Love, a shockingly sexual commercial for Hillary Duff. I demand more.
  • Bristol street art is made considerably better thanks to the presence of Xenz.


Merry Christmas!

This Christmas period has been the first time in about a year, even when I've had holidays or weeks away from work, where I've been able to sit and do absolutely nothing. What a luxury: to be able to sit, have the TV on, click around, but not have any aim or reason. I've been briefly recapturing last year, the period of sickness where my gallbladder > me, by staying up as late as I can manage and then sleeping as long as my body desired. And I feel pretty good, more like myself, and less like the person that has to make 30 calls an hour for six hours a day, hitting answerphones, irrational rudeness and blaring work-related noise.

So, chaps, people of the internet: Merry Christmas, I wish you good eats, and here's to an interesting 2007.


Smoke & Fog

Smoke & Fog, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Mike Dickin RIP

Talksport radio host Mike Dickin died yesterday in a six car pile up. Here's one for you my friend, you were a huge personality and although I've not listened to the station for a while, I'm sad that this is how you went out.



Jawz, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Robyn @YouTube

You may or may not have heard of Robyn [wikipedia/myspace], a Swedish pop singer from Stockholm. Last year, she shed her bland image and founded Konichiwa Records and made "Robyn", the best pop album of 2005. No, seriously.

This year was YouTube's year, and it seems only fit to combine the two.

Clips of Robyn through the years. My Only Reason, in which she sounds a lot like failed Irish pop act B*witched. Don't Stop the Music, which I think was her breakout song. Show me Love, from the same album, and a live performance in front of some old people of the same song. Jag vet en dejilig rosa, a "sad old Swedish song".

Moving onto the present day (and the good stuff): Be Mine, and the acoustic version. Handle Me, and a "live" (aka with a backing track) performance in Africa. Crash and Burn Girl. And last but not least a medley ending with Konichiwa Bitches. Some of these may be NSFW.



Bubbles, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Nameless School

Nameless School, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Green is the magic colour

Green is the magic colour, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Ongoing Problems

Due to ongoing problems with my hosting (despite payment, toastyhost still haven't restored access to ftp), I decided this was the right time to be changing the url of this fair weblog.

It's going to cause all kinds of problems, especially with my LJ Feed (can any paid up members of Livejournal recreate it for me?) and chances are that I might lose the small amount of people who pass by, but it's just easier this way if you hit my currently defunct site and have to re-Google me. I think Blogger keeps the old url for a certain amount of time and redirects, but in the longterm http://natalifisher.blogspot.net is the place to catch me.


Moleskine: pages 43 to 44

Moleskine: pages 43 to 44
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.


My website's been down since last week as I let the hosting/domain fees slip. Whoops. Paid it last night, so I'm hoping it will be back up ASAP.


Link Dump 3/12/06

  • Courtney Love is running BBC 6 Music on the 11th of this month. I wish there was some possible way of playing this at work, but we don't have a digital radio, and my coworkers would pitch a fit.
  • Mark Todd produces some beautiful but unsettling art. Reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on it.


Originally uploaded by malota.

I didn't even try to justify buying this. Malota is one of my favorite artists on Flickr, and very very nice to boot. I loved the hats she started posting, and she offered to reserve me one until I could pay. 60 euros later (£41 and including shipping) she's sending one to me on Monday (from Spain!). After the onslaught of love for some of the things she's been posting that are saleable, she's now reopened her shop. You should go and look.


He had Cornflower Blue Eyes

He had Cornflower Blue Eyes
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Proud of this one.


Babyface BS3

Babyface BS3
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Latest Aagh (detail: gargoyle 2)

Latest Aagh (detail: gargoyle 2)
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Link Dump 19/11/06

  • Dirty Blonde, review of Courtney Love's autobiographical book, by Danny Kelly.

Don't close the pool!

Ah no! Bristol City Council are discussing plans to close Bishopsworth swimming pool in favour of a giant sports centre in Hengrove.

I went to Bishopsworth Junior School - we used to walk from the school, hand in hand with our partners, over the traffic lights and across the road to have our swimming lessons there. Then we'd walk back with wet hair, stinking of chlorine to finish out the day's lessons. I remember coming back at least once with no underwear on, and I'm not sure why. Do schools still give out swimming lessons? Anyway, if they decide to close the pool (along with another local pool) it will mean that as a city we're becoming more and more dependent on shopping/leisure complexes and less on local businesses. This will then turn us into the dull side of America: land of anonymous suburbs with no local shops within walking distance, and generic concrete parking lots surrounded by oversized stores and cinemas (which have been creeping in over the last ten years). Bleurgh.


Moleskine: pages 39 - 40

Moleskine: pages 39 - 40
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Japan and Tsunamis

While Hokkaido waits for the predicted tsunami, it's very easy to read about Japan's Tsunami alert system and wonder how the hell the US got it so damn wrong with New Orleans.


Link Dump 12/11/06

  • Flickr: Jesus Complex (title added myself, as there is none given by the photographer).


Bush? Pff. It could be worse.

BNP leader et al cleared of inciting racial hatred. There's so much wrong with this, I don't know where to begin. Just imagine if they ever got near the Houses of Parliament. Just think of how bad it could be.


Arab Strap

Arab Strap (Lead, but only better)
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.



Originally uploaded by Willpower.


Autumnal Docks

Autumnal Docks
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Link Dump 1/11/06

  • Burn 'n' Violet is a quirky, pretty little design label that I dug out of the racks of TK Maxx last weekend and originates from Manchester. Their labels are guitar picks, the cut and originality of the clothes I found were top notch, and most importantly: they go up to a (smallish) size 16.
  • Moreskine: optimising your Moleskine for uberproductivity. But I guess you could apply it to any other notebook as well.


Sack Parliament

Sack Parliament
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Parson St: three boys walking over the pedestrian crossing. One is pushing a tiny blue and silver motorbike (something a 3 year old should be riding, but for some reason the pre-teens end up riding around parks, ruining the grass), one's riding a bike, and the other is tall for his age and fat (I bet his nickname is Cartman).

Fat kid to Bike kid: yeh, so I can get you 400 Lambert for £28.

Estimated age of kids: 11 years old.


Link Dump 29/10/06

  • Think Outside the Box, an honest portrait of the UK version of Deal or No Deal by my favorite Guardian writer Jon Ronson. Oh hey, there's his website, and it's ugly. I hope he fixes that soon.
  • Reprocessed, a time stop video thing of someone redecorating a room. Sounds boring, but isn't. [via].


Hey Jeph

Hey Jeph
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.



Originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Dear Sony

I was never a big fan of your range, but now you've closed down Lik-Sang, I'm really fucked off. I don't think I'll choose to buy any of your products for a reaaaaaaaaally long time. And from the looks of the comments on the Lik-Sang news post, you've just eliminated a massive portion of your target audience that regularly buy your consoles. Smart move, because the PS3 totally doesn't need to be bought, it will exist simply on overpriced commercials and Christmas hype.

I am praying, praying to the heavens that someone will sweep in and rescue Lik-Sang from this. I can't accept that the second order I was going to place in a few months is not going to come to fruitition. :(


Autumnal Dame

Autumnal Dame
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Link Dump 23/10/06

  • I want a pet Axolotl. It's like something from the depths of WoW.


Greeting (detail: sign)

Greeting (detail: sign)
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Death of a President

Death of a President is just finishing up it's premiere on UK TV. 

It's nothing special, hardly inventive.  All it "shows" is a one-sided ideal that the current authorities in charge of America are intolerant of protestors, non-whites and especially Muslims - and are at best, prejudiced, deluded and incompetent. And George W. Bush is somehow killed without a sense of murder - no blood, no gore, no real attachment to violence.

Not exactly a film for my generation, who have had this (this constant wall of endless, hopeless BS) repeatedly thrown in our faces for the last five years. Yes, we know things are fucked up, we all watched those towers fall, and read the torture reports, and watched as Bush and Blair fumbled their way through speeches and then started a war. Just for once, show us something we don't know. This stagnant political air is unbearable.


Originally uploaded by _saturnine.


V Sign 3 (afar)

V Sign 3 (afar)
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Purple Rain, Purple Rain (detail: ball)

Purple Rain, Purple Rain (detail: ball)
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Link Dump 15/10/06

  • Nemo are the London-based band supporting Imogen Heap on her latest tour. They have the whole psuedo-70's/Bob Dylan/modern rock thing going on. They sound better live than they do in the studio.
  • PingMag: Hanayo. She seems to be some kind of multifunctional model art-socialite. Very interesting.


wonderful workshop bristol

wonderful workshop bristol
Originally uploaded by richt....

I love zefrank #2

What? You don't know how to play the Worst Ever game? 


Google Buys YouTube

Hollllllyyyyy shiiiit. Google buys YouTube for $1.65 BILLION. Best merger ever! This means we shouldn't be losing YouTube to:

a) hosting problems
b) suspicious advertising or
c) large, overbearing broadcasting corporations

any time soon.

The "community" (which is ten times worse than Slashdot in the comments sector, but excellent at uploading content) will stay intact, it sounds as if Google won't be interfering too much, and the site will hopefully get some most excellent upgrades in tech quality (no doubt there will be a lot of haulage backstage to begin with).

I hope this means the eventual death of Google Video (even though the report claims it will continue), because lets face it,  although it's not as bad as the other *insert company name*+video clones, it was never really anything special. Perhaps they could turn it into the paid-for side of YouTube? Feels a bit redundant for a company to own two video sharing/viewing websites.  [via]


Some people on MeFi are happy and some are not, which reflects a lot of the reactions going around the net in the last 24 hours. Most of the criticisms stem from boring things like copyright issues. If they really start to bury the illegal content, then so what? Sure, it will be a step backwards, but it's not like there aren't other methods for seeing the latest episode of the Daily Show (torrents), or mashed up CSI GSR shipper videos (independent fan sites). Ahem. Not that I watch that kind of thing of course.  Google will work it out. YouTube will work it out. Hell, the industries are already bowing to the pressure. These are exciting times. I think that people just need an excuse to bitch about something (and then upload their videos to YouTube).


Update: Projects & Myself

While I was accessing ftp for the first time in a good 3 months (changing my CSS stylesheet), and clicking around my website, I realised that absolutely zero of my projects listed on my about page have been touched in an even longer space of time. I should work on that, especially Impressions of Vienna, as that's a tiny piece of my family history being archived there. 

So just a quick rundown of various bits and pieces:

The NIN Hotline can't be helped - when there's no news, there's no news. Meathead is keeping 
things ticking along as best he can, which is great... and in between house renovations and playing in two bands and working a full time job and godknowswhatelse Matt has been upgrading the site with AJAX! Mighty Ajax. I almost miss the hustle and bustle of last year, and then I slap myself back into reality.

WoW is admittedly eating up more time with me than it should. I'm running with an active guild (main tank for the middling-to-high pool of members, but not the highest tank overall) which is great, but it means significant amount of time spent playing for 3-4 hours minimum. It's not time I regret wasting, but I know I should be regulating myself better than I am.

My Flickr contributions increase, and my Bristol Street Art archive is pretty damn huge. It's slipped to the backburner for the past two weeks as too many people are now walking the same areas. While knautia is an excellent photographer, and captures it in a creative sense that I can never achieve, others are producing the more photojournalist outlook (ie: turn on, frame and shoot) that I'm attempting. There's no point seeing the same thing over and over in the Bristol Street Art and Graffiti pool. But my camera is more likely to be used in the near future than any of the other projects - it's involving, a little competitive, and gets me out of the house.

And then there are other things, like real life which is mostly work, TV shows, taking care of myself, rinse and repeat. As a footnote: I'm enjoying the new season of CSI and the brand new series Heroes. I'm sure I've forgotten something, but I'll leave it at that.


Getting closer... all the time

Gibson's new book is called Spook Country. My first thought was that it was weird, because it's not 
exactly like his other book titles. 

But it fits the current mood, no? 

(I'm trying really hard not to obsess about it. If you're interested in fan talk though,
 The Future on his messageboard is where you should be heading.) 


David Shrigley is Good

He scares me, and then I laugh.  


Link Dump 03/10/06

  • Fashion Snap, another Japanese street fashion website. See also Hel Looks, a Helsinki street fashion site. Anyone know of any similar sites for other cities?
  • - William Gibson: Johnson Bros. He's regularly posting draft pieces (presumably from the New Book) and occasionally editing them (|the RSS feed picks up the changes), and this one encapsulates everything I love about his writing.
  • - Nintendo: Sim City DS scans. This is going to be great, I can't wait for this to be released. One of those good value games that you'll play off and on for the next few years.
  • - Oddly engrossing mash up video. Literal translation of a Ricky Martin song. In theory, it sounds shit, I know. But it works, it amused me. I never expected to see some of the clips that appeared.
(Comments are now turned back on)



Originally uploaded by _saturnine.

One from the archives.

Clinton Clinton Clinton

Last week Bill Clinton made a fantastic speech at the Labour party conference.  

Then he kicked off at Fox News (responses by The Daily Show and Keith Olbermann are worth watching).

Ah, hope. How I missed you. He needs to hang out in the public eye a little longer, just to keep things regular.


Iraq is Dire

"Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has described the current situation in Iraq as "dire". Mr Straw, who held the job at the time the UK decided to take part in the 2003 war, said there were things he regretted about the campaign.  Speaking on BBC One's Question Time, he said "mistakes" were made by the US following the invasion."

OMG REALLY? You utter utter twat of a man. This war will go down as one of the most misleading, greedy, and bloody tasks the Western world has taken up against a country. Mistakes? No. Try gross fucking ERRORS.



Link Dump 24/09/06

AAGH in Action

AAGH in Action [2]AAGH in Action [5]AAGH in Action [7]AAGH in Action [8]AAGH - Skeletal RiderAAGH in Action [9]

Yesterday afternoon in Dame Emily Park (aka Dean Lane skate park) was quite hot and glarey. Sometimes you set out with one aim, and end up doing something completely different.


What's Your M&S?

What's Your M&S?
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.



Originally uploaded by _saturnine.


YouTube Overload

To Sit, To Watch

To Sit, To Watch
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Parents that suck

Parents in Yorkshire are undermining a school's attempt to serve healthy meals by feeding their children junk food through the school fences. I can understand the time issue, but it seems to be more about the kind of food being served. It's behaviour like this that's causing a nation of (oh lord, and I sound like a WWII poster) underachieving, badly behaved kids.

How on earth are these kids supposed to view the school as an authority if the parents are quite 
happy to dismiss it when it suits them? Instead of feeding their kids crap through a fence, wouldn't it make more sense to meet with the PTA and discuss the best methods of solving the problem of 
queue times? Ugh, I despair when adults only serve to make a situation worse.


Link Dump 14/09/06

  • - Wong Kar Wai's first English language film, My Blueberry nights is now in post-production. Stars Norah Jones, Jude Law, Tim Roth and Natalie Portman: "A young woman (Jones) takes a soul-searching journey across America to resolve her questions about love while encountering a series of offbeat characters along the way." 
  • - GoogleVideo: Douglas Adams' Hyperland. A very very old BBC produced internet fantasy one-off. Internet fantasy. I got bored 16 minutes through (those 16 minutes were quite amusing though), but then I'm not the greatest DA fan.
  • - BBCNews: Anger over schoolgirl fight video. You get the feeling that they're blaming YouTube for this video. If kid's want to fight, they'll fight. The only thing such vocal condemnation will do is make it even more of a popular sport.
  • - Luc Besson is leaving the building. His next movie is his last. I am not sure how I can face the future of films without Luc Besson to give me strange hyperviolent multicultural viewing. I hope this isn't another case of The Scientology.


You Don't Get It

As predicted, the  Banksy Paris Hilton prank CDs are now going for between £100 and £750 on eBay (and $230-$1000+ in the US). To everyone bidding: you don't get it and you never will, you bunch of financially overburdened twats.

For everyone that does, and isn't shelling out money that could be spent on something that was made available for a tiny percentage of the eBay prices, here's a YouTube of Banksy pulling the prank.

[via kottke remainder]

Hia! Posh!

Hia! Posh!
Originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Almost at full function sir!

Flickr now supports Blogger in Beta. w00t! After getting used to clicking the Blog This button and it working, realising it didn't work in the new version caused a few moments of annoyance (not that it's hard to copy/paste and manually type a title). Now I am back to clicking a few buttons and therefore happy.

You May Now Be/As a Shock to Me

You May Now Be/As a Shock to Me 

Link Dump 11/09/06

  • - Attention Artists - brush and paints are now free, by Matt Haughey. "The tools to deliver your creations are finally free. I am already seeing profound changes in how students can create and share their work but I bet in a couple years from now it'll be even more dramatic. We'll look back at the days when you were charged by the downloaded megabyte as quaint and laugh and wonder what things were like before YouTube and Flickr (and others, of course) took away those limits."
  • - My household shops at our local Sainsbury's, and one of my pet hates about unpacking groceries, is the plastic. It's an unnecessary waste product. So it's good to see that they will now be packing more than 500 of their own products in compostable packs. More recycling! More!


I think it's more from the BTM (pano)

I think it's more from the BTM (pano) 

Jonathan Ross' Japanorama - tomorrow!

If I hadn't remembered just a second ago, I would have forgotten we were due a new Jonathan Ross show this autumn. Despite the success of the Asian Invasion series,  the BBC have neglected to advertise/promote Japanorama (series 2) to a point where I (target audience) have been uninformed of it's air date - which by the way, is tomorrow night, BBC3 at 11pm. They have also neglected to put up a Japanorama site on the BBC website. Big round of applause there for the everfunctional BBC.


It's the B Team (detail)

It's the B Team (detail)


Link Dump 04/09/06

  • - Settlers DS screenshots [via] - the PC version is around as a free download, and it's great fun, but I'll definitely be buying this when it's released. Good stuff.
  • - Notebookism: Shane Vorhaben. Fantastic artist, something that would look great on the walls of a house, in a gallery or on the street.


Hungover by the old people flats

Hungover by the old people flats 

Banksy vs Paris

Remixing Paris Hilton's album. Pictures here, and sadly, you know the copies people get their hands on are going to sell for shitloads on eBay. That's the good thing about street art - (most of the time) you can't rip it down and turn it into an internet auction. Is Banksy's message against a commodified shallow society of any value when the media has turned him into a brand to be bought and sold at their whim? 

(But this kick against one very prominent prick is genius, of course. His projects, no matter how commodified, are never going to disappoint.)


Summer is Over

Summer is Over 



One stretch ham-pink HUMMER limo on Hartcliffe Way. Seriously. Are you even surprised these days? 


Wink Wink (detail 2)

Wink Wink (detail 2)

Link Dump 29/08/06

A little late, as I started the process of redecorating my bedroom this weekend.

  • -  Doane Paper is a geeky combination of graph and lined paper. Available to purchase
    for $9 via Paypal, with free shipping inside the US.
  • - Despite not really knowing the guts of MMO gameplay, Gavin Woolery became so tired of the soulless game industry that he just designed his own.  The video is pretty... well. Something akin to the Spore demos. Take a look.
  • - UK bank Lloyd's TSB is now offering Islamic student accounts to help young Muslim's save money. It's also open to non-Muslims (obviously), but it's not very enticing to be honest. Free gifts, yes. Interest? Nope. Sharia law forbids making money from money.
  • - Claire Armitstead profiles David Mitchell, who has been shortlisted for the Booker Prize again. Must... read... more... DM. Although I usually find the Booker Prize winners rather shit.
  • - Next year, I want to go to PAX, the land of Guitar Hero head2heads and internet celebrities smashing their guitar controllers. I know this is a pipe dream, because travelling to the West Coast is GOD DAMNED EXPENSIVE.
  • - Blizzard made this proclamation last week. New expansions every year? I don't know how I'd keep up. Especially moneywise. Maybe that's the idea - they are planning to stop us all from purchasing and playing other games.


Francombe House (detail)

Francombe House (detail) 


Link Dump 22/08/06

  • - Snakes on a Plane hit number one in the box office in both the US and the UK. Bitter critics that had to pay for their tickets (or didn't turn up to Comic Con for the 10 minute exclusive preview) denounce this as "failing".

"Yes we have UK call centres"

The TV has recently been showing me a lot of insurance ads for companies such as Churchill that
 come with the assurance that their call centres are UK-based. They've been running for a few weeks now, and finally I need to express that this kind of bothers me. Why on earth does it matter where a call centre is located? Let's sound this one out.

People don't like dialling a number only to end up talking to a machine (this I can understand - touchtone menus are often really poorly catagorised), and then someone 
with a foreign accent, regardless of where the person is actually answering the phone. There is an
assumption that because someone has an accent, they are inept. How could someone in India, with a (presumably) fake English name, crammed into a tiny call centre with three people to a desk, be able to deal with your insurance claim/holiday booking/mobile phone explosion? Because the complaints don't stem from a desire to support the British economy - not when the majority of consumption in this country is of imported goods. So is it just about basic xenophobia? That as a nation, British people just don't like "foreigners"?

If Churchill or any of the other companies running adverts that proudly proclaim their "UK only call centres" could give me a good reason why they are making this an issue, it would be good. Because I know damn well that my job (and others of a similar level) can be done by almost anyone, at any age or intellect, and that it really doesn't matter where the office/computers/phones are located. Perhaps they have some insight into the complexities of pressing buttons 
and speaking to English people that I have yet to experience.


An Echo Against the Sky

Echo Against the Sky 

Blogger Beta In Testing

Woohoo! I finally got sent over to the new Blogger Beta! However, this means (at least template-wise) that things might be a bit shaky for a few days. I can't go in to edit my new template's raw HTML, 
so we're down to the bare sidebar essentials. Good fun though, I really enjoy having the opportunity to 
use new websites - and this is the third incarnation of Blogger I've seen in my years.

And ooh look. LABELS.


Link Dump 17/08/06

  • - BBCNews: Current baggage advice for anyone flying from the UK. The no-liquids thing is really annoying - any time I neglect to carry around water, I immediately get a dry mouth. I'm hoping these rules will be somewhat relaxed by the time I fly into the US again (when I flew a month ago, I didn't have to take off my shoes once).






It could be huge. Click around on the flash sidepanels of people's profiles. Webcams, video, pictures, shared music... this is cool. And I really really hate social networking sites, because the community often becomes larger than the tool. When the tool is greater than the potential assholery of a community though... just wait.

*Update* (Monday)

Funnily enough, both times I tried leaving the site, my computer decided to reboot itself. The first time permanently disabled my Firefox. Now I'm not sure whether the endorsement of this site was wise.

Link Dump 12/08/06

  • - Drug Baron's Fall, an interview with Clifford Norris by Mark Townsend. "Norris has nothing. There is no woman in his life and visits from friends and family are notable only for their rarity. The ambling figure in Upper Denmark Street is proof, perhaps, that crime does not pay. Norris admits he made mistakes, that his drugs empire was 'out of control'."
  • - Nintendo DS-centric: MSN messenger on the DS/DS Browser released in Europe in October: "The Nintendo DS Browser is a convenient web browser, which enables Nintendo DS users to surf the web, check and send emails, bank and shop online and even communicate with their friends in live chat." Interesting developments.
  • - The Shape We're In, an analysis of women and weightloss by Mimi Spencer. "With every image of Nicole Richie's feeble wrists or Posh Spice's concave thighs - which seem to shy away from each other as if they've never been properly introduced - with every shot, an inch or an ounce is shaved off the notional ideal female form which governs our relationship with our bodies and with the world." This is the horrifying Amy Winehouse picture by the way.
  • - The GSD system, a seriously inspiring organisation/productivity speech.

When the Clouds Block the Sun

Bit of pimping for my friend Alex Dewars, who happens to be selling this original painting for £400 from Arbroath, Scotland. If you're interested in purchasing this original piece, check out his website or email him directly at evil_alexdewars@hotmail.com. He'll (probably) take commissions if you ask and regularly exhibits his work around the UK.