Ergo Proxy (episode 6/7)

Ergo Proxy (episode 6)
Ergo Proxy (episode 7)


This Week Just Keeps Getting Better

Jonathan Ross is filming a new series of Japanorama. Holy shitcakes. I am so happy right now! The first series completely changed my life. Airs in June. Joy oh joy oh JOY!

Link Dump 28/04/06

  • - OK kids. Sit down, breathe deep. William Gibson's Idoru is being made into an anime. Oh god, my head is still exploding with glee! Eeeeeee! They better not fuck this up.


General Update

Two things:

  • - I think the Oscar Winning Movie Crash was laughably awful.
  • - I'm really behind on my email.

Oh! My God! Le Bomb.

Switching on Sky News this morning, I was informed about the utterly retarded bomb scare in West London earlier this morning. They had close up footage of the contraption, which was basically a wilting makeshift shrine (flowers + poetry) and a large box with giant nails sticking out of it. I mean seriously, who could think that would be a good idea? The interesting thing about this though, is that on the side of the box with the nails, was the art of Yoshitomo Nara - this picture being one of the two used. I wonder if that is copyright infringement?


Windmill Hill City Farm

MaaaaaaWho's the man?Baby Chicks (black and white)Ducks go QuackCentered
One in front, One behindBristol TotemHonk (detail)Two of a KindFrom Pig to Man

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Victoria Park

Hello30 Seconds to MarsLean ToKid EvilWhen The Stress Burns

I took a long walk yesterday around Victoria Park (after visiting Windmill Hill City Farm - pictures of piglets et al later), a strange steep hill with a primary school (St. Mary Redcliffe Primary) plonked on the side, a playground, a little BMX area, and a railway line running along the edge. Unlike today, Bristol had lovely weather, really light and sunny. More pictures of the park over here.


Appearing Orangutans

Appearing Orangutans



[12:54] saturnine> http://www.smashingpumpkins.com/
[12:54] saturnine> ...
[12:54] * saturnine haemorrhages


Link Dump 20/04/06

  • - Go Nintendo Review: Brain Age. "Nintendo formed a pretty unlikely partnership with Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, a man who has publicly spoken about the harmful effects of video games on the general public. Dr. Kawashima was very reluctant to work on a video game project unless he could assure that it would somehow benefit the player."
  • - The UK is now leeching off the rest of the planet. Why? Because we export all our fresh food, supermarkets actively discourage the farming of local produce by refusing to sell it in favour of imported shite, and we have no manufacturing industry to speak of. All those problems are easily solved with little effort. Will that happen? Probably not.


I <3 Packages

ArrivalsDiscardedA Whole Heap of MagazinesThe magazines, they are backwards!Added Bonus

About two months ago, Yuki (who I read every day and pimp to my friends) posted an offer on her site to send old fashion magazines to anyone who wanted them, and I took her up on this (sending her some money to cover shipping et al). Today, just as I was leaving for work, the nice postman man appeared at my door with a package froooom... Japan! I waited until I got home to open it, and not only did Yuki send me the magazines, she put some photographs in there too! I theorise that I will one day have enough photography and art from the people on the internet to cover my entire house. When I own a house, that is.


Link Dump 16/04/06

  • - DS Rumble Pack. It's been out for a while, but I'm wondering how it could be incorporated into Animal Crossing. I'm playing way too much of that game.
  • - Rare Grooves by Dorian Lynskey. "'This is one of my ultimate discoveries,' he beams. 'Israeli acid-folk-psych. It's bananas. I saw it in a charity shop and thought, there's no way I'm leaving something like that.'"
  • - Sony Portable eBook reader. I've not had a look at the eBook reader market as a whole, but I like this one. Straightforward design, clear (looking) screen. I'll buy one when it comes with a word processor.
  • - Hell is other people's music by Momus. "When I moved to New York my first year was sheer bliss; I spent my second in the inferno. Just one thing changed: A couple of dedicated techno rave kids moved in next door."
  • - Kevin Smith, director of such films as Clerks and Chasing Amy, made a video for YouTube to promote Clerks 2 (which is out... later this year).


London ETS Meetup

CrutchesThe SpreadTrent Reznor is an OwlGiant Baby Foetus

The Full Set Here.


All Quiet on the South Western Front

The weblog's been a bit quiet recently due to a whole range of factors - the most prevailing being that I am a lazy arse. But on the plus side I have been up to a few things, including co-hosting a radio show (I'll let you know when it's available for download), planning a trip to London to meet up with some messageboard/irc buddies (as well as to catch the British Museum Michelangelo exhibit), working real hard at work (hooray for warmer weather!) and trying to catch up on my reading (not being so successful at that one). I also managed to watch the entire season of Firefly and the movie Serenity last week, and I'm continuing with my East Asian movie marathon (join me! Join me!).

OK. Whew, now that I list it all, I don't feel so lazy. I blame that feeling entirely on knowing Morm.

Doctor Who reminder

For those that weren't aware ('speshially my US friends), the new series of Doctor Who starts on Saturday, 7pm BST. Cue the high pitch screams of excitement from moi.

Ergo Proxy (episode 5)

Ergo Proxy (episode 5)


Link Dump 09/04/06

  • - Eric Benson has had some awful awful times with pets: "I had a hamster named Gizmo. It got skin cancer and really smelly and eventually died."


Link Dump 03/04/06

  • - YouTube is limiting the time length of videos to 10 minutes. "We poked around the system a bit and found that these longer videos were more likely to be copyrighted videos from tv shows and movies than the shorter videos posted." Fair enough. I can't be bothered to wait for the long videos to load anyway.
  • - TheGuardian: Songs that saved my life by Mark Lawson. One of my top articles of the year, it looks at music fandom and the hardcore faces that queued for The Smiths gigs. One day there will be an article like this about the NINternet.


From Today's Miscellaneous Walk

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