Piratebay Servers Seized

The Swedish authorities have seized the servers for The Pirate Bay torrent site to see whether or not they have broken copyright law. And there we were, thinking it would be our last port in the storm. Chances are this will turn out OK, but the logic and sensibility of us internet folk never seems to translate well in 'real life'.

The Bristol Stabbing

Today's media is up in arms about a 29 year old Bristol man who got stabbed in Knowle-West via some mentally challenged conflict. Let's put a few things straight: Knowle-West is the city's white ghetto. It's a shithole: it's where the council stick the white trash and no one actively chooses to live there unless they really have to. Over the last few years there has been a goodhearted attempt to create a community spirit, improve crime, reduce drug use et al... but when it boils down to reality, it's still a violent, dangerous shithole. That's South Bristol for you.

Nobody who knows Knowle-West can be the least bit surprised at this news story - in fact, people get stabbed in this city all the bloody time. As a friend of mine put it earlier: this is just a case they've chosen to highlight in order to humiliate the government's doomed-to-fail knife amnesty. Instead of tackling knife crime, why not tackle the causes of the violence?


Link Dump 30/05/06

  • - BBC News: The uprise of Supermarket Fashion. I find most of my work friendly clothes at Sainsbury's these days... although their labelling of sizes needs a drastic overhaul.
  • - I EAT TAPES. Collection of funny irc quotes from #tapes @ irc.ieattapes.com. I accidentally clicked into their channel the other day and they are a lovely bunch of people.
Sidenote: Blogger has marked this place out as being a potential spamblog, meaning I now have to word verify my posts before publishing. This is pretty annoying, and I wish they could provide some way of click-verifying that this is not the case. I'll probably have to email them or something. :(

Ergo Proxy (episode 9)

Ergo Proxy (episode 9)


Bristol Street Art

3domMagic ParkNuclear DeviceVertical Nomad
Aagh <3Acorn Business Centre (detail 2)Up SkirtPortrait of an Alleyway

Bristol Street Art is an ongoing phenomenon.

Internet good, Reality bad

Crutches Friday evening I went out with my co-workers, drank a little too much and fell over on my ass - tearing up my knee in the process. The two hours in Casualty were... fun? Slightly drunken? Shared with drugged/bleeding people anyway. I had an X-ray, and while there's no definitive diagnosis because of the swelling, they think I've torn something akin to a ligament and will be in pain for the next three weeks. I have an outpatients appointment with a consultant on Thursday, and probably won't be at work for at least a week. Here's hoping there's no long term damage, because I'm heading back San Diego in July and a damaged knee is really going to mess with my plans, not to mention my commission at work.

Link Dump 28/05/06

  • - A school in Kobe, Japan is recognising a seven year old's gender identity disorder: "The school agreed to enroll him as a girl after consulting his parents and doctors ... he will be allowed to use the girls' bathrooms and changing facilities, and to wear girls PE kit. Only his teachers have been informed of his condition."
  • - Across the great divide by Gary Younge: "I have always found America exciting; but, for better or worse, never exceptional. Its efforts at global domination seemed like a plot development in the narrative of European empire rather than a break from it."
  • - I really need some cordless straighteners for when I go holiday to San Diego in July, but they seem to be rather elusive.


Long Ashton (on Flickr)

Entombed ShadowsLong Ashton CountrysideDouble Crossed
Mysterious $ symbolSmyth Family GravePolish WWII Crash Memories
No Burial Shall Take PlaceAll Saints ChurchWorn Down
Worn ManYe Olde First Bus bus stopWelcome to Long Ashton
SheeplingsTwo CowsThree Cows


Lordi win the Eurovision song contest

Oh wow. Stadium rock/heavy metal band Lordi actually won the Eurovision song contest, a show usually dominated by unbearably cheesy pop music. This is absolutely revolutionary - check their fantastic performance. I've been cheering them on for the last 3 hours! God bless every single Finnish person who got off their arse to make this happen.

Ashton Court Estate (on Flickr)

Walking into Ashton CourtAshton Court ManorIn the shadows
Ashton Court Manor (closer)Ashton Court Manor (doorway)Ashton Court Manor (doorway detail)
Ashton Court Manor (yellow oddity)Ashton Court Manor (yellow detail)Dappled
A Boy ponders the Reflected UniverseWalking along the FlowersLand Layers
The strike of evilLong Ashton GateLong Ashton Gate (detail)

[Wikipedia: Ashton Court]

Link Dump 20/05/06

  • - NBC scraps Joey. I can't believe it took them this long, especially considering the rate that American TV stations cancel good shows.
  • - GoNintendo has Final Fantasy III DS scans. This is one game I will be buying. Nothing can beat the combination of SquareEnix + Nintendo. T'is the holy grail of gaming.





Mmm... clean(er)

The Flickr redesign went live this afternoon while I was at work. While I hate that Apple/the iPod has had such an influence on current webdesign, I think I like the new look of the site - it's like someone erased all the pencil drafting and we're left with this... borderless wonder. Still minimal, still colourful - and thanks to the lack of fuss, the photography itself is now accentuated even more than before. Quite useable, all in all.

Link Dump 16/05/06

  • - My Autobiography by Jade Goody. "Of course, my mum wasn't always a lesbian and she tells me she never goes down on women herself, she just likes having it done to her. She says her arm got paralysed when she had an accident on the back of my uncle Budgie's motorbike. When we got compensation from the council, we got loads more friends and even went to Egypt, which was minging because there was too much sand."
  • - Jonathan Ross sounds like the only film fan/critic in the country that gives a shit about British cinema. I often get the feeling that the Bond/HP movies are probably what's killing the industry more than anything. More emphasis needs to be placed on the filmmakers producing films about everyday British life - and I'm talking Mike Leigh, not Guy Ritchie.


Bottom of the Garden

Faeries at the bottom of the garden


Link Dump 10/05/06

  • - A Spanish university is testing an anonymous man's claim that he is related to both Hitler and Himmler: "Should DNA tests validate his claims, he hopes to demonstrate that high-ranking Nazis and their families did more than simply pass through Spain on route to havens in Latin American."

Post Blue

Post Blue

The last hour of work tonight was punctuated by a resoundingly awesome, and very unexpected thunderstorm. Not much rain, but the thunder and lightning was absolutely evil - even cut a few of my calls off. It's in the process of rolling away now, just a few flickers of electricity now, but walking home felt like strolling through an impending apocalypse.


Ergo Proxy (episode 8)

Ergo Proxy (episode 8, pic a)
Ergo Proxy (episode 8, pic b)