The Bristol Stabbing

Today's media is up in arms about a 29 year old Bristol man who got stabbed in Knowle-West via some mentally challenged conflict. Let's put a few things straight: Knowle-West is the city's white ghetto. It's a shithole: it's where the council stick the white trash and no one actively chooses to live there unless they really have to. Over the last few years there has been a goodhearted attempt to create a community spirit, improve crime, reduce drug use et al... but when it boils down to reality, it's still a violent, dangerous shithole. That's South Bristol for you.

Nobody who knows Knowle-West can be the least bit surprised at this news story - in fact, people get stabbed in this city all the bloody time. As a friend of mine put it earlier: this is just a case they've chosen to highlight in order to humiliate the government's doomed-to-fail knife amnesty. Instead of tackling knife crime, why not tackle the causes of the violence?