The Guardian & the Internet

From Technology Guardian:

"We have come to one of those forks in the road that affect the direction of the entire newspaper industry. From tomorrow, the Guardian will publish stories first to the web, ending the primacy of the printed newspaper."

One of the things that makes the Guardian my favorite newspaper is that it's the only exterior physical news source that has accurately merged/reported with the co-operation of the internet. All it's news pieces are permanently archived on the internet, and the internet gets it's fair share of attention in print. Since the uprising of people spouting their own opinions in the own netspaces, external media has realised that... well, contrary to the real world, where you need money and influence to gain an audience and make money, on the internet everyone is equal. There were a lot of media people going out of their way to discredit anyone who gained a popular readership to their weblogs. Since picking up the Guardian 13 months ago that was a viewpoint I didn't see, and since then their recognition of the internet as a viable platform for their news stories has grown.

Funnily enough, last week I decided that I just didn't have the time to read their newspaper every day and I cancelled my weekday delivery to switch to weekends only (+ their sister paper The Observer for Sundays). Their online service was already enough, but now it's even better.